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Mar 10 2007 The Milestone
Charlotte NC
Satanic Romantic
We start off 2007 and our SxSW tour with a fun show in Charlotte. Small but lively crowd and two very fun bands on the bill.
Mar 11 2007 The End
Nashville TN
Tim, Chad & Sherry
Our second experience at The End in six years -- we played here on our very first tour, with Les Savy Fav -- is exactly like the first: No one's there, and we get paid $50. TC&S were very good, and our first exposure to the crazy live show of Monotonix was a bit of an eye-opener.
Mar 12 2007 Drunken Unicorn
Atlanta GA
Untied States
Child Abuse
Club of Rome
In what was to be a recurring theme of hardware failure for this tour, I broke the head of my snare drum and brought the set to a screeching halt. Luckily, Child Abuse's drummer stepped in to let me borrow his so we could finish our set.
Mar 13 2007 Cooper Manor
Shreveport LA
Kenny & the Flesh
House show; or, more specifically, dining-room show. The dining room doors were shut, sealing the band and the audience into a space about 15 ft square. The heat was suffocating. I think something broke at this show as well.
Mar 15 2007 Hole in the Wall
Austin TX
Awesome Cool Dudes
Marnie Stern
Holy Fuck
SxSW day show in a small bar with a bartender who looked kind of like a tougher Willie Nelson. The show was actually really fun, and the people there -- including the bartender -- seemed to enjoy it.
Mar 16 2007 Independence Brewing Co.
Austin TX
The Dirty Projectors
Pony Tail
The Mall
Another day show, this time in a big brewing/warehouse space. Free beer and energy drinks for all! Show was decent.
Mar 16 2007 Flamingo Cantina
Austin TX
Green Milk from Planet Orange
Genghis Tron
The Mall
Yip Yip
Our second show of the day, and our "official" SxSW show -- the Panache booking showcase. The show was great from start to finish, with all the bands pouring it on and the packed crowd eating it up. We had a great time. This time, I broke the bottom head of my snare; luckily, Ran from Monotonix noticed it even before I did and had his snare sitting next to me on the stage before the song was over. Of course, a song or two later, my hi-hat stand broke, and Ran again came to the rescue. Despite the problems, this was a great show and a great time.
Mar 18 2007 Eighth Continent
Denton TX
Chief Death Rage
Eat Avery's Bones
We swore off Denton a few years ago after being paid $3 at our last show there. But here we were again anyway. Luckily, this was a fun house show with an enthusiastic crowd, and we had a great time.
Mar 20 2007 Spanish Moon
Baton Rouge LA
Six Parts Seven
This club is really nice -- great staff, hospitality, sounds, etc -- but for some reason our shows always feel kind of weird there. This one was actually pretty good, and our only Baton Rouge performance that I've felt good about. Antelope were the best "new" (to me) band I've seen in years.
Mar 21 2007 Bottletree
Birmingham AL
31 Knots
Bottletree still reigns supreme as the best place to play in the country. Once again we had a fantastic time from the moment we loaded in to the moment we loaded out.
Mar 22 2007 Art Garage
Columbia SC
Pony Pants
Doom Dub
Although not many people showed up, and my borrowed hi-hat stand crapped out halfway through the set, we still had a fun time on our last show of the tour. Friendly people who actually move and smile while you play.
Mar 31 2007 Comet Pizza & Ping-Pong
Peter Hayes Our second show at Comet. Good time for all.
Apr 21 2007 Mojo 13
Wilmington DE
The Empty Shapes
Von Hayes
Three 4 Tens
It took us 8 years and over 400 shows, but we finally made it to Delaware. The show was pretty fun and people seemed into it, though they acted as though there was a forcefield keeping them from coming within 15 feet of the stage.
April 29 2007 Rock & Roll Hotel
First time we'd played this DC club. Very nice room, good sized stage, lights so strong you felt like you were melting -- luckily, they had a fan for the drummer. The show felt pretty good.
May 26 2007 Above the Auto Parts Store
Brooklyn NY
Lightning Bolt
Todd P puts on another show in a weird location. Huge empty concrete room, suffocatingly hot. I thought we played pretty poorly, but that may be the heat stroke talking.
June 01 2007 Hosiery
Food for Animals
A couple years ago we played what we billed as the last show ever at the Hosiery. Oops. Anyway, it was slightly less hot this time though even more packed. People seemed into it. DMBQ was pretty amazing.
Jul 06 2007 Southpaw
Brooklyn NY
Philmore Brown
Drugstore Cowboys
Good show. Sound is always good here. I shared someone else's drumkit, which is always a mistake. They felt weird and a couple beats into every song the kick drum was three feet away from me.
Sep 29 2007 Bobby Fisher Memorial Building
These Are Powers
Weird night. Ultra-DIY club (no bathroom or running water). The punk rock show that started earlier was running late, so our show got pushed back a couple hours. There is a cut-off point, meaning every band had to play short sets -- and while it's nice in a way to play shorter, it can also be frustrating after working yourself up to play. Set was pretty good, considering we hadn't played in awhile. Debuted a new song that went well.
Oct 09 2007 First Unitarian Church
Philadelphia PA
Klaxons Really young crowd. We played okay, but were hampered somewhat by having to set up my drums in front of Klaxons' kit -- cramming Breck and Amanda off to one side, with me between them and Erick.
Oct 12 2007 Webster Hall
Klaxons Very nice venue with great sound. We played pretty well and the crowd was mildly responsive.
Oct 13 2007 American University
Mika Mika
The Subjects
Fun show in the Kay Spiritual Center. The bands set up on the nice carpeted floor between shelves stacked with books on Judaism, Christianity in the New World, etc. A surprisingly good sounding room.
Oct 17 2007 Bard College
Annandale-on-Hudson NY
Crime Novels
The venue was "Smog", a tiny car garage on campus with a stage (not a big one) that took up about a third of the space. Very bright sounding room. Decent show.
Oct 19 2007 Irving Plaza
The Noisettes
Earl Greyhound
Fun show on a huge stage. The room acoustics were kind of weird, but it didn't matter once we started playing. One of those awesome places where the staff carries your gear. Earl Greyhound's drummer had a 34 inch kick drum.
Oct 19 2007 Knitting Factory
Old Time Relijun
A stacked bill on three stages. We were rushed in our setup (and in our set), and as a result this was possibly our only show ever out of costume (sort of -- I still had the quick-drying red shorts and I think Amanda had her red pantyhose). I had problems like I always do when I use someone else's drums (the drums were too low and the seat kept spinning around) but the crowd was going nuts, to the point of dancing on the stage while we played -- an Apes first. Great time.
Nov 09 2007 9.30 Club
Dust Galaxy
Last minute show put together when the Decembrists cancelled. As always at 9.30, fantastic sound, fantastic stage, fantastic staff, and a great time was had by all.

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