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Feb 25 2005 Sin-
Brooklyn NY
New Beirut Holiday
Our first show after our longest layoff ever. Stage-rust combined with playing some songs live for the first time made for a somewhat uneven set, but playing with Oneida was a great way to start our year.
Feb 26 2005 Eclectic House
Wesleyan U. CT
Dirty Faces
Trophy Wives
Man vs Beast
La Spanka
Our second show at Eclectic House. Not quite as great as our first time there, due to the same reasons given above for the Sin- show, but still fun. Oneida was hypnotic, and Dirty Faces from Pittsburgh were raw rock with that feeling of danger you don't see much these days.
Mar 14 2005 Long Branch Saloon
Knoxville TN
The Pilot Light, where this show was supposed to take place, was in the process of replacing its ancient and inadequate plumbing system, so the show was moved to the Long Branch. It was actually a pretty cool venue and in some ways a better setup than Pilot Light. Despite the minimal PA, Supersystem sounded killer and Fangs have brought their somewhat sinister, off-kilter rock to a new level.
Mar 15 2005 Martin's
Jackson MS
Supersystem We were looking forward to this show (our third time at Martin's), but it was kind of a disappointment. Not many people showed up on this Tuesday night. Despite the fact that no one was there to work the PA and we had to bumble through hooking it up ourselves, the room actually sounded really good, and the place seems more like a "real" club now than it has in the past, when it seemed more like one of those bars that happens to have bands play there.
Mar 16 2005 Club de Ville
Austin TX
Modey Lemon
Gris Gris
Brother JT
Time Flys
Selfish Cunt
Another awesome Birdman showcase at SxSW. The venue was interesting: the bands played outside with their backs to a small cliff wall, with a canopy overhead and trees nearby (as Anders St. Anders announced before Modey Lemon's great set, it was kind of a "half-assed Red Rocks"). All of the bands delivered great sets in their own highly distinctive ways. Sound was suprisingly not bad for an outdoor setting; I don't think we were as good as we were last year at Beerland, but our new songs seemed to go over well.
Mar 17 2005 KVRX Radio Station
Austin TX
- A brief set and interview in another student-run radio station. For the first time, the sound and mix were actually good, thanks to Andrew's engineering.
Mar 17 2005 The Back Room
Austin TX
Modey Lemon
Grand Buffet
The Holy Ghost
Some Girls
400 Blows
Those Peabodys
The Robot Ate Me
Very odd show. Skyscraper Magazine put this on as one of SxSW's many free day parties; unfortunately, the venue was in a strip mall well away from all the rest of the downtown activity. The Back Room is a big metal club; the sound was great and the stage was huge, but due to its location the crowd was small. Plagued by technical difficulties, Modey Lemon's Jason eventually wrapped himself in a Pittsburgh flag and assaulted various audience members and rode Erick's back through the club. Grand Buffet ruled the world. If they play near you, run, do not walk, to see them.
Mar 18 2005 Young Avenue Deli
Memphis TN
Vending Machine
The Klopecks
Fun show to a good-sized weekend crowd at the Deli. A half-dozen indie kids were sprinkled amongst the general Friday night bar-goers, and everyone seemed open to be entertained.
Mar 19 2005 The Earl
Atlanta GA
The Liverhearts
Teen Wheat
Lay Down Mains
Our first good show at the Earl in a long time. The club is great, but we're usually cursed with a small crowd there. This time, thanks to the draw of the other bands and the fact that for once we were there on a weekend, there was a substantial crowd. Performance-wise, I was happiest with this show out of this whole mini-tour. The one sore spot was that. after announcing our first-ever live performance of "What We Do Best", a bass-heavy tune, Erick's bass head fell off his speaker cab moments into the song. Luckily, it was undamaged, but by the time it was back up and running the song was almost over. Maybe next time.
Mar 22 2005 Southpaw
Brooklyn NY
Go! Team
Harlem Shakes
Somehow this was our first time playing at Southpaw, though it seems like we've played everywhere else in NYC a hundred times. The venue is cool: good size, good stage, good sound, cool people. The set was a little weird; the drums had to be set up all the way at the front of the stage because of Go! Team's two drumsets taking up the back half, meaning Erick was squeezed into a two foot square between the wall and the hi-hat, while Paul was teetering out on the front monitors. Still, it went pretty well and people seemed into it.
Apr 18 2005 Little Brothers
Columbus OH
El Jesus de Magico
This was one of the rare first-shows-of-tour that went very well. We played well and the crowd seemed into it. Columbus seems to be a vinyl-buying town, as we sold only one CD and quite a few LPs. El Jesus was excellent as usual.
Apr 19 2005 Little Nikki's
St Louis MO
Phonacopters Very nice space with a great sounding stage and room. We were a bit off and I was plagued by a suddenly-broken hi-hat stand that put me into a rage.
Apr 20 2005 Eastside Tavern
Columbia MO
Bald Eagle
Warhammer 48k
Fun show. Eastside is the classic dark rock bar, with a nice selection of Maxims and FHMs to read.
Apr 21 2005 The Brick
Kansas City MO
Roman Numerals Erick thought this show "felt weird", but in any case, the venue is awesome. It's the perfect size and layout, and the stage has enough room to move around and enough height so you can see the band from most of the spots in the room. Sound was fantastic. Roman Numerals (ex-Dirt Nap, Seasons to Risk) were excellent and superhumanly tight.
Apr 22 2005 Rock Island
Denver CO
Q & Not U
Food for Animals
Very nice club, and a packed house for the show. Amanda's keyboard went out seconds into our intro, leaving us with a painful five minutes or so of non-rocking to fill while she tried to figure out what the problem was. A short set and far from one of our best, but a lot of kids still seemed to like it.
Apr 23 2005 Jackpot Saloon
Lawrence KS
Q & Not U
Food for Animals
After years of trying, we finally managed to have a good show in Lawrence. Not an amazing show, but one for the books simply because for the first time in this city, the vocals worked. The club was significantly re-vamped since our last visit, and had a good PA at last (which apparently they bought the day after our last show here).
Apr 24 2005 Sokol Underground
Omaha NE
Q & Not U
Food for Animals
We played a pretty good show to a decent -- but completely dead -- crowd. Even for Q & Not U they were weirdly passive. The club itself was great; nice layout, big sound, good stage.
Apr 25 2005 Logan Square Auditorium
Chicago IL
Q & Not U
Food for Animals
Huge, beautiful venue with lots of big windows, gilding, draperies, and a sweet balcony. Big, boomy sound. Not the most fun load-in (several flights of stairs). Show was good.
Apr 26 2005 Grog Shop
Cleveland OH
Q & Not U
Food for Animals
Fun last show of our little DC package tour (actually, it was the last only for us, as the rest of the bands were continuing for another week or so). Cool club that reminded me a lot of The Cavern in Exeter, UK, both in layout and location.
Apr 29 2005 MIT University
Boston MA
Major Stars
Flaming Fire
Radar Eyes
Another year, another Steer Roast. This one was even weirder and more fun than the last. Flaming Fire was the rare band that beat us handily on the theatrics front. We were a bit worried as the crowd seemed to dissipate a bit as the night wore on, no doubt worn down by the bacchanalia, but once we started playing, we were gratified to see an enthusiastic, dancing, probably drunken crowd materialize to egg us on. A great time, once again.
Apr 30 2005 Warehouse Next Door
Washington DC
Dawn of Man Our hometown record-release show. One of the most fun shows we've played, I think, thanks in large part to the lively folk that ventured from their homes despite the bad weather.
May 7 2005 Palace Tavern
Last minute change of venue, but it all worked out. 250 people crammed into the tiny, suffocatingly hot back room of this bar; one of those venues with no stage, so only the front 10 or so people could see anything at all. All the bands played short sets because of a live-music curfew, but it was a good time. Andrew WK was there to support Sightings, but unfortunately he left before we played.
May 12 2005 Maxwell's
Hoboken NJ
Our 300th show was laughably similar to our 25th show. Same crowd (dozen or so people). Maxwell's is kind of an enigma: great food, good sized space -- small but not cramped -- good stage, and great sound, but for some reason, no one seems to go to shows there.
May 13 2005 Delancey Bar
Bad Wizard
Holy Ghost
Another small room with suprisingly stellar sound. Show was fun after some initial technical difficulties.
June 4 2005 The Hosiery
Washington DC
Child Ballads
Measles Mumps Rubella
The Goners
We billed it as the last show the Hosiery would ever put on, but it turns out they're having one more. Oops. Fun show albeit liver-damage-inducingly hot and airless.
June 15 2005 Nate & Wally's Fishbowl
Bowling Green OH
Canada's Electric
Tiger Machine
Decent show to start the tour with a surprisingly good crowd.
June 16 2005 Mac's Bar
Lansing MI
Hard Lessons
Bobby Conn
& The Glass Gypsies
Keyboard/amp/cord problems for Amanda reminiscent of the Denver show with Q & Not U -- i.e., a 5-minute intermission, again at the very beginning of the set, while she tried to work out her problems. The night was saved by Hard Lessons doing an Eddie Money cover.
June 17 2005 Double Door
Chicago IL
Bobby Conn
& The Glass Gypsies
Baby Teeth
Good show in a big, nice club. The full complement of Gypsies were in attendance, unlike the previous night in Lansing, and it made a big difference. Baby Teeth did a truly amazing cover of Iron Maiden's Run to the Hills.
June 18 2005 Points East
Milwaukee WI
Bobby Conn
& The Glass Gypsies
An inexplicably small turnout didn't keep us from rocking to our utmost, bringing back some old ones we hadn't played in awhile like Black Tears and Apes Got. BC & GG likewise rose above the situation and put on one of the best shows I've ever seen. The room was a small back-bar, but clean and polished. Sound was amazingly good.
June 19 2005 Main Stage
Green Bay WI
Mystery Girls
Our second time in this small, very rock-and-roll bar. Show was good but not spectacular.
June 20 2005 7th Street Entry
Minneapolis MN
Passions Good show at a perfectly-sized smallish venue. Great staff, great sound and enthusiastic audience.
June 21 2005 Moose Lodge
Fargo ND
The Plainsmen
Unfortunately, Ralph's, where the show was originally scheduled, closed down just before the start of the tour. The show was moved to the local Moose Lodge, which ended up working out great: Huge drum sound and sweet, sweet air-conditioning. Best show of the tour so far, with a very fun crowd.
June 22 2005 Eleven:11
Billings MT
Grabass Charlestons
The venue had great food, but the room was too "live sounding" to be really clear -- everything seemed kind of rumbly. Small crowd, but they seemed to have a good time.
June 24 2005 Sunset Tavern
Seattle WA
The Makers
I broke my snare head on the first hit of the first song. Luckily, it was a two-ply head, so I could limp through on the remaining ply for the rest of the set. Ended up being a good show, and we made quite a few new fans. Rabbits were loud, heavy, and great.
June 25 2005 Dante's
Portland OR
The Makers
Nice, fancy club with good sound but kind of a weird vibe. We played pretty well and again won over some folks. Makers were awesome tonight, with the whole fog machine/light show going on.
June 26 2005 Alibi
Arcata CA
The Ravens Decent show in a nice little bar.
June 27 2005 Parkside
San Francisco CA
Side on Sound
Fun show with our pals Replicator and our label guy Matthew's band Side on Sound. We busted out "Lightning" by request.
June 28 2005 Cinespace
Los Angeles CA
zZz Very odd show. The place is a hip bar/club/movie theater with an audience that didn't appear to be regular show-goers. We played all right but the sound was kind of weird.
June 29 2005 Spaceland
Los Angeles CA
Black Angels
No monitors whatsoever for the first song or two. Priestess were a good rock band from Montreal that came down just for this show, as a showcase for label types. Those that stuck around for our set seemed to enjoy it.
June 30 2005 12 Galaxies
San Francisco CA
Gris Gris
Time Flys
Genghis Khan
Fantastic show with our Birdman brethren. Great crowd, great sets all around, and great response. Very nice club, though apparently they are required to keep the PA to a reasonable (i.e., too quiet) level because of their neighbors.
July 2 2005 Burt's Tiki Lounge
Salt Lake City UT
The Rodeo Boys
Tolchock Trio
This show had the potential to be a disaster: after spending the morning getting our radiator replaced, we arrived at the club at 11.45 pm (15 minutes after we were scheduled to go on), exhausted and hungry. Amazingly, it all came together and the crowd was super-enthusiastic, having been charged up by Rodeo Boys. Up there with Fargo as best shows of the tour.
July 3 2005 Larimer Lounge
Denver CO
Orwellian Math Project
Dead Birds
Larimer Lounge has stepped it up a notch, revamping the stage and improving the sound since we were last there. This was a daytime show where we once again arrived right before it was time to load in and play. We played mostly old stuff so that our evening set would be different, and our rustiness at playing some of the songs combined with the uncomfortably early hour made for a less-than-stellar set. Luckily, several friends in attendance made it a good time, regardless.
July 3 2005 Larimer Lounge
Denver CO
Mr Pacman
The Ultra Boyz
The late show was packed with ultra-high fashion all-agers decked out like extras in a Pat Benatar video. We played much better than we did earlier, and the crowd response was great (it didn't hurt that all our friends had stuck around for round two).
July 4 2005 Cedar
Wichita KS
Spirit of the Stairs
This Great October
We had fairly high hopes for this show, despite it being put together at the last minute, but it ended up somewhat disappointing. Not much of a response from the crowd, especially compared to our first show here last year.
July 5 2005 Mojo's
Columbia MO
Bald Eagle
Temper Temper
Grand Canyon
Ah, Columbia. Our home away from home. Familiar streets, familiar venue, familiar bands on the bill. Another good show in a great town.
July 6 2005 Lil' Nikki's Grill & Chill
St Louis MO
The Choir
A return to the spacious stage, good sound, and good food of Lil' Nikki's. This show was notable mainly because it was the first really good performance Apefriend Mike B. has been witness to.
July 7 2005 Elbo's
Dayton OH
Will Cope & the Busted Lovers We end the tour with a whimper. Plagued by horrific, constant feedback and an unbalanced mix, we limp our way to the end of another tour. Postscript: This ended up being our last show with Paul.
Oct 29 2005 Fight Club
Washington DC
The Points
Death by Sexy
Our first show with Joe. Fun Halloween party at a skate house. Under-powered PA but a good time.
Oct 30 2005 DC9
Washington DC
An Albatross
Aside from some technical problems with the bass amps, this was a pretty good set. Of course, we were still blown off the stage by the insane majesty of DMBQ.
Nov 6 2005 Horseshoe Tavern
Toronto ON
Modey Lemon
Nick Flanagan
We finally made it to Toronto for the first time in our band career. All of 15 people showed up to witness this historic occasion. Nice venue, though. And the comedy stylings of Nick Flanagan, including the only joke I've ever heard a stand-up comedian make about Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight, made the evening worthwhile.
Nov 7 2005 Red Dog
Peterborough ON
Modey Lemon
Minus Two
Everyone in Toronto seemed surprised at and confused by the fact that we were playing in Peterborough. The show ended up being fun despite the doubts, and we played much better than the previous night.
Nov 8 2005 Cafe Campus
Montreal QBC
Modey Lemon Very nice club, very nice promoter, utterly lifeless crowd.
Nov 9 2005 AS220
Providence RI
Modey Lemon
The Terribles
Lying in State
Nice venue. Total paid attendance: One.
Nov 10 2005 Tommy's Tavern
Brooklyn NY
Modey Lemon
Victoria Lucas
Possibly the smallest venue we've ever played, and massively loud as a result. Good time.
Nov 11 2005 Cake Shop
Manhattan NY
Modey Lemon
Standing Nudes
Great show. We finally started hitting our stride. Enthusiastic crowd, and we loaded out past Ms Joan Jett herself, who was playing a later set after our show ended.
Nov 12 2005 Mojo Room
Baltimore MD
Modey Lemon Kind of weak show in the former Cafe Tattoo, a little bar a good ways out past Baltimore city proper. Modey had a small crowd of hardcore Lemon fans waiting for them.
Nov 14 2005 Warehouse Next Door
Washington DC
Modey Lemon
Chris Brokaw
Big Bear
Very fun show, as we've come to expect from our Warehouse gigs.
Nov 15 2005 High Five
Columbus OH
Modey Lemon
Evil Queens
Unfortunately, our friends El Jesus de Magico couldn't make the show, but we had a good time anyway. Crowd seemed pretty into it.
Nov 16 2005 Elbo's
Dayton OH
Modey Lemon A much better show than our first time in Dayton. This time it was a free show, school was in session so there were more kids around, and we played much better than that show.
Nov 17 2005 Comet Tavern
Cincinnati OH
Modey Lemon
Mr Madness
We had some doubts going into this show, since Modey had played here a few times previously and not had a good time, but after being fueled by ample burritos, we had a great time. The crowd was enthusiastic and everyone played a good set.
Nov 18 2005 The Rudyard Kipling
Louisville KY
Modey Lemon
Nice space, though laid out a bit oddly (it was a long, narrow room, but the stage was on a long side rather than a short side, meaning there were acres of space on either side of the stage for people to stand, but very little in front of it). The show itself was okay, not too remarkable.
Nov 19 2005 Lime Spider
Akron OH
Modey Lemon
Goodbye Ohio
Fun show to close off the tour. We had a few fans there, which is always nice. Sound was good, food was good, people were nice.
Dec 1 2005 The Coffeehouse
Duke University NC
- Leg two of the fall/winter tour kicks off with a bang. Modey pulled out of this show to play with Dinosaur Jr in Pittsburgh, and the other band on the bill cancelled, leaving only Apes. Very, very nice space -- big PA, fancy lighting rig, sofas, big screen tv with Playstation 2, etc -- and virtually nobody there to enjoy it. Amanda extended her intro monologue to almost ten minutes.
Dec 2 2005 The Werehouse
Winston-Salem NC
Modey Lemon
The space formerly known as PS211 has improved. Fun show to a small but appreciative crowd, and best of all, we were able to crash in the living space above the club.
Dec 3 2005 Milestone
Charlotte NC
Modey Lemon
Elevator Action
Classic small rock club. Good crowd.
Dec 5 2005 Jack Rabbit's
Jacksonville FL
Modey Lemon
Hors d' Ouevres
Our second time at this fairly big club. This place doesn't serve liquor and I could have used some. Show wasn't bad aside from my snares giving out halfway through the set as usual and my 4th DW kick pedal breaking a few songs before the end.
Dec 6 2005 TSI
Jacksonville FL
Modey Lemon A day off turns into the second part of a two-day engagement in Jacksonville, thanks to quick work by Hors d' Ouevres' Brendan. Raw-sounding sets in front of a rowdy crowd at a dance club made for a good time.
Dec 8 2005 New World Brewery
Tampa FL
Modey Lemon
The Peabodies
Cool bar with an outside patio where the bands played. Great pizza and a very appreciative crowd.
Dec 9 2005 Churchill's
Miami FL
Modey Lemon
Downhome Southernaires
The Remnants
Shuttle Lounge
Citizen Contact
We were surprised and delighted to find out this was going to be an 8-band bill. Despite no other bands showing up until 8pm or so, things actually moved along pretty efficiently. Weird, weird mix of bands in a big space with loud sound.
Dec 10 2005 Beta Bar
Tallahassee FL
Modey Lemon
Kind of a ho-hum show.
Dec 11 2005 The Nick
Birmingham AL
Modey Lemon Everyone loves the Sunday night shows. This was a tiny dive bar but had fantastic sound and lots of cool people. Modey broke out the enormous Pittsburgh flag for their set in honor of some Pitt professors in attendance.
Dec 12 2005 The Earl
Atlanta GA
Modey Lemon
Our sixth or seventh show at the Earl. This place is always a good time and the food rules. We played decently, but from audience comments afterwards, the set suffered from a bad mix (no vocals or keyboard). Lots of cool people and Deerhunter were really good.
Dec 13 2005 Hi-Tone
Memphis TN
Modey Lemon Despite the bands being a seemingly not-entirely-welcome interruption in the stream of 80's hits being played, we had a really fun set. And the club had the Tron coin-op (though the dial and trigger were messed up).
Dec 14 2005 RecordBar
Kansas City MO
Modey Lemon Really great venue: A good-sized bar with great sound (and a great soundman), good food, drink tickets that are good for liquor, and lots of cool people.
Dec 15 2005 Canopy Club
Urbana IL
Modey Lemon
Infinity Room
Neat little club -- actually, while the room we played in was little, the other side of the venue was a large-capacity room -- in the midst of the U of I. We had a great time, probably due in no small part to lots of drinking.
Dec 16 2005 Subterranean
Chicago IL
Modey Lemon
The Camaro Rouge
We were really looking forward to this show and it ended up as something of a disaster. The club itself is great, as were the people working there, but Erick broke a string on the third or fourth song and it was downhill from there. He had to switch from his baritone guitar (regular-sized, six-string guitar that plays in bass octaves) to his back-up full-sized bass and was so out of practice on it that the rest of the set was a mess. We tried.
Dec 17 2005 Magic Stick
Detroit MI
Modey Lemon
The Cyril Lords
Last show of the tour and the end of a great (in terms of fun, not necessarily shows) tour with Modey. Ultra-nice club, big sound, and cool people.
Dec 29 2005 Black Cat
Washington DC
Trans Am
Rah Bras
Really fun show. Big sound and everything went well. Lots of smiling faces up front.
Dec 31 2005 Wonderland
Washington DC
Dawn of Man
Possibly the sloppiest show Apes have ever played. Bum notes, broken sticks, false starts and missed cues. Luckily, the audience was mostly completely wasted, so responded as though it was our best show ever. I think there was even a pit at one point, and Erick did the first stage-dive of his life. We even got Brian Clancy from Dawn of Man to join us on the outro for some guitar shredding.

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