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Mar 11 2004 Supreme Imperial
Baltimore MD
Crimson Sweet We kicked the tour (and the year) off close to home with our friends Crimson Sweet. Good food provided by Ryan once more; we tried a few new songs and otherwise just shook off the rust from nearly six months of inactivity.
Mar 12 2004 Warehouse Next Door
Washington DC
GoGoGo Airheart
Kilowatt Hours
Great, fun show. GGGAH were on fire. This club would be the perfect tiny venue if parking weren't such a pain in the ass.
Mar 13 2004 The Steeple
Charlotte NC
Modey Lemon Our second show ever with Modey (the first being two years previous) was a good one. The venue was a converted church (hence the name); much nicer than most venues: hardwood floors, stained glass, etc. This was billed as an "afterparty" for the Strokes' show across town, and a good crowd turned up.
Mar 14 2004 Pilot Light
Knoxville TN
Modey Lemon
The Cheat
The Cheat were awesome; I don't know how to describe them except to say that they were very catchy without feeling at all "poppy". Vocals vaguely reminiscent of Misfits-era-Danzig.
Mar 15 2004 Red Rose
Murfreesboro TN
Modey Lemon
Simon Brawl
Very fun show to a very small crowd.
Mar 16 2004 Young Avenue Deli
Memphis TN
Modey Lemon
Baseball Furies
Paul's vocals were nearly inaudible for most of this show, a problem we'd already had at several of the shows on this tour. Luckily, few were in attendance to suffer the technical difficulties.
Mar 17 2004 Rudyard's
Houston TX
Modey Lemon
Secret Machines
The Fever
This club provided some great food -- best veggie burger I've ever had. The Fever were awesome; inhumanly tight, very catchy. Secret Machines were interesting, but probably would have benefited from a less bar-like atmosphere.
Mar 18 2004 Beerland
Austin TX
Modey Lemon
The Gris Gris
The Cuts
Rising Star Fife
& Drum Band
The Birdman Records showcase was an unqualified success. At the risk of sounding overly subjective, I don't think I've ever seen a bill this good, top to bottom, in my life. Every band was great, and the variety between them kept it from feeling long or monotonous at all.
Mar 19 2004 Flamingo Cantina
Austin TX
Riverboat Gamblers
This show was in the middle of the afternoon, and it was swelteringly hot in this semi-outdoor club. The sun was coming through so that it burned right onto my back while I played, teasing me with the promise of sunstroke.
Mar 20 2004 Conservatory
Oklahoma City OK
Modey Lemon
Gris Gris
Year Future
Weird show that suffered from the SXSW curse (namely, that with 1200 bands on the road in the same area, at the same time, any given show is likely to be less than packed). Good sets from all the bands, though.
Mar 21 2004 The Cedar
Wichita KS
Modey Lemon
Gris Gris
Amazingly fun show on a Sunday night. Promoter/bartender "Whiskey" worked very hard to make sure the bands were happy, which is as enjoyable as it is rare. Very enthusiastic crowd there for Whiskey's birthday.
Mar 22 2004 Mojo's
Columbia MO
Modey Lemon
Gris Gris
We always have a good time at Mojo's, and this was no exception, though this was the first time we didn't play with One Inch Punch.
Mar 23 2004 Jackpot Saloon
Lawrence KS
Modey Lemon
Gris Gris
The evil mirror of Columbia, we have never had a good show in Lawrence. This time, the PA seemed incapable of getting Paul's vocals to a remotely audible level, so he sat most of the set out (just like the first time we played Lawrence, when the PA blew on the second song.)
Mar 24 2004 James & Evelyn's Practice Space
Ames IA
Modey Lemon
Gris Gris
Fun show in a very nice loft apartment over a storefront; interesting in that the tiny little PA had no problems handling the vocals, unlike the previous night's huge system in Lawrence.
Mar 25 2004 Ralph's Corner
Moorhead MN
Modey Lemon
Gris Gris
Bone Ranger
Kind of a weird show with an audience drifting between the band area and the bar area. Bone Ranger were very good, clean Fender guitar and twangy vocals sung by a guy who looked like he was 7 feet tall. We blew a fuse during our set, plunging the stage into darkness. After snagging the lamp from the merch area, we were back in business.
Mar 26 2004 Triple Rock Social Club
Minneapolis MN
Modey Lemon
Gris Gris
This place rivals Orlando's Social as the nicest all-around club experiences we've had. Nice people, great food, drink tickets that are good for liquor (not just beer), great sound -- they had it all.
Mar 27 2004 Main Stage
Green Bay WI
Modey Lemon
Gris Gris
We had a good time playing to a good, rowdy, drunk crowd at this show. Someone was air drumming during our set, according to Modey's Paul Q. Gris Gris got a little sing-a-long going.
Mar 28 2004 Cactus Bar
Milwaukee WI
Modey Lemon
Gris Gris
One drink ticket was good for a double shot of whiskey, so I had two of those before we played, and being a lightweight, it all hit me right as I sat down at the drums. A sloppy but enjoyable set ensued.
Mar 29 2004 Mac's Bar
Lansing MI
Modey Lemon
Gris Gris
Hard Lessons
A good crowd turned out for the Hard Lessons' record release, making for a good night. Plus this was the only promoter to honor Amanda's request for Powerade (which I don't think she ever got a chance to drink before everyone else finished it off).
Mar 30 2004 Elbow Room
Ypsilanti MI
Modey Lemon
Gris Gris
Lingua Franca
Nothing like a five band (six band, before one cancelled) bill on a Tuesday night. By the time we went on at the end, everyone remained at their tables and we played to our first seated audience.
Mar 31 2004 Little Brothers
Columbus OH
Modey Lemon
Gris Gris
El Jesus de Magico
Every time we play with EJdM (formerly the Magnificent Tallboys), they sound different, but each time, they sound better. Fun show with a couple very enthusiastic fans in the audience.
Apr 1 2004 Bottom Lounge
Chicago IL
Modey Lemon
Gris Gris
Someone apparently stole my show outfit off the back of the van in Columbus, and as a result, I had to come out on stage for the rest of the tour already shirtless, making me feel like a complete douchebag.
Apr 2 2004 The Union
Athens OH
Modey Lemon
Gris Gris
Another show that was very fun from my end, having had too much whiskey before and during the set. This time, though, I don't think the performance suffered.
Apr 3 2004 Brew House
Pittsburgh OH
Modey Lemon
Gris Gris
Best crowd of the tour was on hand to witness great sets all around. The tour came to a close with a very ugly "jam" featuring members of all three bands.
Apr 28 2004 Trash
Brooklyn NY
Fresh Kills
Lovely Letters
The Hanging Garden
Fun enough show, though for some reason swelteringly hot. Formerly Luxx, this club has been re-designed and is much better set-up for shows now.
Apr 29 2004 Middle East
Boston MA
Silent Drive
Capital Radio
Stolen Bike Crusade
Strange -- as in all hardcore/pop-punk -- bill that we jumped onto. The show was pretty good, nothing amazing, though it's always fun to bum the crowd out with the "turn on all the house lights" trick.
Apr 30 2004 M.I.T.
Boston MA
Mary Prankster
The Faux
Eyes Like Knives
The show itself was nothing amazing, though notable for being just under 30 minutes long, but the event itself (the "Steer Roast") was really fun. How come when we were in college there were no strippers, porn, and nude mudwrestling on campus? The Faux were really good, the best I've seen them.
June 12 2004 Mercury Lounge
Weird War
Tunnel of Love
The High Strung
Good crowd as we debuted a few brand new, un-released songs. They were a little rough around the edges, but the response was great. Weird War were excellent, and Tunnel of Love tore it up not once but twice, playing both first and fourth on the bill.
June 25 2004 9.30 Club
Psychic TV Great, fun show. Jonathan "Kernal" Kreinik, who recorded Tapestry mastery, did sound for us, and the club is known for its sound system, so this was one of those relatively rare occasions where we had excellent sound. We played some new ones, the crowd was receptive, and we all left happy. I'd been reading interviews with Genesis, singer of Psychic TV, in Flipside fanzine for 15 years, so was looking forward to their set. They were fantastic. Some more dark, goth-y songs, some very pop songs, all good.
July 9 2004 House of Cindy
Pittsburgh PA
Modey Lemon
We're Wolves
We took a breather from recording with Jason Modey to play this house show. Not our best performance, plagued by technical problems and the usual basement sound difficulties, but it ended up being a good time. I was on the verge of vomiting throughout the set due to eating a few slices of "pierogie pizza" before playing, i.e., an initially pleasing but subsequently sickening blend of pizza and mashed potatoes.
Aug 17 2004 Tri-Tone
Philadelphia PA
--- Free show in a small bar we played once before with GGGAH. We tried out the crazy new lights we borrowed, inspired by the lightshow we got at the 9.30 club. We were told we were extremely loud, which is always cool.
Aug 18 2004 Downtown
Farmingdale NY
Q & Not U
Food for Animals
Encrypt Manuscript
Extremely nice club with good sound. Lots of security, who actually came in handy when a couple girls were dancing on the stage and pulled Amanda's keyboard plug out of her amp. After being escorted off stage, they were back on a second later and were kicked out of the club. The tables in this club are giant Tama snare drum replicas.
Aug 19 2004 Middle East
Boston MA
Q & Not U
Food for Animals
Our New England home-away-from-home. The bartender pours very generous drinks, which left Jeff awkwardly drunk right as it was time to hit the stage. A lucky audience member got to take the Fry Challenge and eat a huge tray of fries in one minute in return for a t-shirt and record, not to mention the adulation of his peers.
Aug 20 2004 Rothko
Tiger & Monkeys
The Backup Plan
Excellent sound in a somewhat soul-less venue, essentially a concrete block with a stage at one end.
Aug 21 2004 Hank's Saloon
Tunnel of Love
No Things
The first-ever performance by ex-Liars Ron and Pat was everything you'd expect; i.e., great stuff from one of the best rhythm sections around. Tunnel of Love just keep getting better, and had the whole crowd on their side by the end of their set. We broke out the lightshow again and played a short set before hopping in the van and heading for home.
Sept 18 2004 Hampden Fest
Baltimore MD
Two if By Sea
Very fun outdoor show, part of an annual block party/street fest in one of Baltimore's neighborhoods. We rocked the Atomic Books stage, and a good time was had by all. Paul and Amanda made maximal use of the vocal effects pedal, and Jeff's cymbals blew over from the post-hurricane winds.
Sept 28 2004 Black Cat
Weird War
Edie Sedgwick
Decent show. Word has it our set was a bit long, but it seemed to go well.
Oct 2 2004 Electric House
Wesleyan University
Middletown CT
Ex Models
Child Ballads
One of the most fun shows we've ever played. Ex Models, now slimmed down to a three-piece with Oneida's Kid on drums, unveiled their intense and much darker new sound. Stylophone brought the hammer-ons, pinch harmonics, and the people. Child Ballads provided some welcome relief from the clamor of the rest of us. The crowd, good and drunk by the time we played, gave us a great response, to the extent of forming a mini-pit and crowd surfing (a first for the Apes).
Oct 13 2004 Lit Lounge
Modey Lemon
Brother JT
Midnite Snake
Giant Squid
Another successful Birdman Records showcase, this time for CMJ. Stellar sets by all, our first exposure to the madness that is Giant Squid, and good times with the Birdman added up to another mark in the "good shows" column. The only downside was the somewhat claustrophobic nature of the club itself.
Oct 27 2004 Ekko
Utrecht NL
Weird War Our first time in continental Europe since March 2002. This was a nice little cafe with an adjoining room for live music. Sound was good, show was probably kind of so-so.
Oct 28 2004 Vera
Groningen NL
Weird War Ah, at last we come back to what is arguably the best club on earth. Fun show (and loud), followed by a shower in the band apartments upstairs. Plus, the refrigerator backstage was stocked with chocolate milk.
Oct 29 2004 Paradiso
Amsterdam NL
Weird War This club was odd in that it had a front reception desk, fully staffed. It was also a several minute walk from the dressing room to the stage. But that can be forgiven, since there was a shower in said dressing room. Not to mention a lavish spread of fruits, chips, and drinks. Show was good; kids seemed kind of dead.
Oct 30 2004 'T Hoekske
Gierle BE
Demolition Dollrods Small bar with brick stage, walls, and floor. Add in the very loud sound system and you have a recipe for deafness. The drums sounded awesome. Dollrods were, to put it mildly, a glorious spectacle. After the bands, the DJ played punk/indie records at volumes that put the live music to shame.
Nov 1 2004 TJ's
Newport UK
Sammo Hung
Small but crazy crowd made for a fun show (from my end -- Paul, who was tackled and had his pants ripped and a beer poured on his head, may disagree). Jochem says this was our best show of the tour. If nothing else, I broke a lot of sticks.
Nov 3 2004 Nice 'n' Sleazy
Glasgow UK
Hex Cool underground "basement" style space. Hex was a one-man (normally two-man, but the bassist was sick) band accompanied by iPod and was surprisingly cool. There was a big pole directly in front of the stage, completely blocking Paul from view, so we thought it would be better if he were out front on the floor; of course, then he had no monitors and couldn't hear anything. I hate Mondays.
Nov 4 Stealth
Nottingham UK
Designer Babies
This was the night of drummers that made me think maybe I need to practice more. Designer Babies took another quantum leap forward from the last time we played with them, though the sound didn't do them justice. Good, crowded show.
Nov 6 2004 Joseph's Well
Leeds UK
- This was a special "club night" featuring the Apes. What that meant was that a DJ played maybe six songs (including ones by Ape friends Ex Models and Party of Helicopters), then we played a set to a mostly empty room. Paul's vocals were out for much of the set, making for an interesting evening.
Nov 7 2004 Cavern Club
Exeter UK
Designer Babies
Very cool little underground bar/club in a very nice part of town. There was a weird metal pipe going across the front of the stage at shin-height, making a nice obstacle/prop for Paul.
Nov 8 2004 Metro
London UK
Robbers on the High Street
The Izzys
My favorite show of the tour. Good crowd with a lot of enthusiasm. Lots of smiles; even some dancing. We actually played a little sloppier than most of the other shows (I know I did), but it was a good set and a good time was had by all. Plus we met an Apes fan from Manila.

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