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Jan 31 2002 Black Cat
Liars A good show, if a bit rusty on our part. We were gratified by the turn-out, which was much bigger than the last time we'd played here.
Feb 16 2002 Terrace Club
Princeton NJ
Les Savy Fav
Rye Coalition
This place was really cool -- basically a giant house with dozens of rooms, each with three or four sofas, lots of free food and drink, and all shows there are all ages and free. Not a bad deal, and right on campus. We played pretty sloppily.
Feb 21 2002 Northsix
Brooklyn NY
The sound was much better than the other time we played here. We put on a good show, but Liars were out of control: a chaotic, destructive -- but still highly danceable -- blowout of a performance.
Mar 3 2002 Melkweg
Les Savy Fav
The Mars Volta
The first show of our month-long European tour. The highlight was Tim from the Fav going through the crowd with a tray like a waiter, collecting their empty glasses, then going back to the front of the stage and hurling them all at the ground.
Mar 4 2002 Vera
Les Savy Fav
The Mars Volta
Possibly the coolest club we've ever played at. Great sound, nice stage, super-nice people (all volunteers), and bedrooms and showers so the bands can stay there after the show. The performances were on fire tonight.
Mar 5 2002 Schlacthoff
Hamburg Germany
Les Savy Fav
The Mars Volta
The sound at this place was loud and huge, but the crowd was embarassingly lifeless.
Mar 6 2002 SO36
Berlin Germany
Les Savy Fav
The Mars Volta
Another big club, much better crowd than in Hamburg. The Fav ended their set with an all-star super-group jam that the crowd ate up.
Mar 7 2002 Rock Cafe
Czech Republic
Les Savy Fav
The Mars Volta
Cool little club, not the coolest people running it. One of them tried to convince Jeff that he'd broken one of the overhead mics by hitting it and would have to pay for it, despite the fact that the mic had already not been working during soundcheck. The same guy later said he might have to stop the show because the bands were "too out of control". Both the Fav and the Volta ended up paying for things they'd supposedly broken.
Mar 8 2002 Metropolis
Munich Germany
Les Savy Fav
The Mars Volta
Huge, somewhat cheesy dance-type club. We played badly. At 10.30 they rushed all the bands out the door so they could start the dance party. Tim had to pay $150 for a disco ball he'd "broken" when he used it as a prop.
Mar 9 2002 MKNZ
Ilirska Bistrica
Les Savy Fav
The Mars Volta
Small, very cool rock club with an enthusiastic rock crowd. Very fun show, which we needed after the previous night's weak performance. Leon and Anna, who were putting on the show, were ultra-cool.
Mar 10 2002 KSET
Zagreb Croatia
Les Savy Fav
The Mars Volta
Big, nice club with big sound. Good performances all around.
Mar 13 2002 Fort Prenestino
Rome Italy
Les Savy Fav
The Mars Volta
Rivals Fort Thunder in Providence for weird venue kingship, but Prenestino is an actual 200-year old fort, complete with moat and towers. The show was great, despite the temperature having dropped into the 40s by the time it got started (the stage was set up at the end of a long stone tunnel open at both ends).
Mar 14 2002 Il Covo
Bologna Italy
Les Savy Fav
The Mars Volta
Another good show from all three bands. Plus, you could watch the performances projected on a 15-foot screen from the bar.
Mar 15 2002 Babylonia
Biella Italy
Les Savy Fav
The Mars Volta
A very cool club, with a nice comfortable feel and good sound; unfortunately, this was the deadest (and almost the smallest) crowd of the whole tour -- these kids only perked up after the bands were finished and the DJ started playing records (including Les Savy Fav and At the Drive-In).
Mar 16 2002 CCO
Lyon France
Les Savy Fav
The Mars Volta
This was some kind of community center, with adult education classes going on in other rooms in the building. Show went well.
Mar 17 2002 Mephisto
Barcelona Spain
Les Savy Fav
The Mars Volta
This was a full-on metal club, complete with gigantic banner sporting the gothic "Mephisto" logo behind the stage. Poor turn-out and fairly dead crowd.
Mar 19 2002 El Sol
Madrid Spain
Les Savy Fav
The Mars Volta
This show got right off to a bad start. At soundcheck, the soundman refused to let Joachem (our driver and soundman for all three bands) touch the board. He refused to put a mic on Erick's bass amp. He had a rule about the mics not going past the monitors. Tim made it his mission to make him smile, and he finally succeeded: During their set, he came out covered only in a towel, which was soon whisked away, leaving his modesty protected only by a strategically held rose.
Mar 20 2002 The Cat
Bordeaux France
Les Savy Fav
The Mars Volta
Another cool show with lots of cool people. For the most part, European clubs seem to be staffed by much nicer people than American ones. They cooked us a great meal.
Mar 21 2002 Le Trabendo
Paris France
Les Savy Fav
The Mars Volta
This club had a great design and layout that made it easy to see the bands from wherever you were standing. Sound was good, too.
Mar 22 2002 Lintfabriek
Kontich Belgium
Les Savy Fav
The Mars Volta
We went over better here than at any other show on the tour. Crowd was very enthusiastic. This was another club which had sleeping/showering facilities for the bands; if only American clubs had that -- it's really great to be able to step upstairs and shower after a show, then watch the other bands, then go upstairs and go to sleep without having to load out or any of that.
Mar 24 2002 ULU
London UK
Les Savy Fav
The Mars Volta
Sold-out show at the University of London. Great performances, good crowd, and the Fav had probably fifty of them up on stage to sing and play along on their last song.
Mar 25 2002 The Cockpit
Leeds UK
Les Savy Fav
The Mars Volta
Good show, kind of weird sound (at least from the stage).
Mar 26 2002 King Tut
Glasgow Scotland
Les Savy Fav
The Mars Volta
Another good-sized (read: smaller) rock club, which we've definitely come to prefer over the bigger venues. They served us excellent food.
Mar 27 2002 Hop & Grape
Manchester UK
Les Savy Fav
The Mars Volta
Another show at a university; the crowd didn't seem too into us.
Mar 28 2002 Zero One Three
Les Savy Fav
The Mars Volta
The last show of the tour, and we sucked. Technical problems and weak performances made us go out with a whimper. Luckily the Fav and Volta were there to give the crowd their money's worth. Golden Earring ("Radar Love") were playing in the sold-out downstairs room.
Apr 9 2002 Mohawk Place
Buffalo NY
Les Savy Fav
Maceo Ruez
Elad Love Affair
Our 100th show; we commemorated by counting off "Black Tears" with a 100-count instead of a 4-count, do the delight of all.
Apr 10 2002 Carnegie Mellon Univ.
Pittsburgh PA
Les Savy Fav
Modey Lemon
Cool show in a giant cylinder of a room. Someone set off a fire alarm during the Fav's set; Tim made the best of it by leading a massive game of Duck-Duck-Goose on the soccer field.
Apr 11 2002 The Metro
Chicago IL
Les Savy Fav
Pretty dead response from what was a pretty good-sized crowd.
Apr 12 2002 The Catacombs
Madison WI
Les Savy Fav
Paris, Texas
Good show in the basement of a chapel or something. The guys running it made us excellent food.
Apr 13 2002 The Whole Music Club
St Paul MN
Les Savy Fav
Lucky Jeremy
Good show somewhat wasted on a mostly empty large room.
Apr 15 2002 15th St Tavern
Denver CO
Les Savy Fav
Decent show to a very cool crowd.
Apr 17 2002 Jay's Upstairs
Missoula MT
Les Savy Fav
The Pleasure
Another show where we were fed great food. Cool town, cool crowd, good show.
Apr 19 2002 The Factory
Bellingham WA
Number 226
The Gary Projekt
Odd show in a bar that had just started having live music. Headliners Resin never showed up. Of the 20-30 people in the bar when we started our set, only 5 or 6 were left by the time we finished. One of the deserters was the local music critic.
Apr 20 2002 Graceland
Seattle WA
Les Savy Fav
Pleasure Forever
Packed house, great sound, great performances -- one of the best Fav performances we'd seen.
Apr 21 2002 Graceland
Seattle WA
Les Savy Fav
Pleasure Forever
This was an all-ages matinee to complement the previous night's 21+ show. Shawn, whom we'd met the night before, joined us onstage for some freestyling during Apessounds.
Apr 22 2002 The Blackbird
Portland OR
Les Savy Fav
Fun show at a very cool little bar that apparently has suprisingly big acts play there (J Mascis, etc).
Apr 24 2002 Bottom of the Hill
San Francisco CA
Les Savy Fav
The Quails
Very cool club with excellent sound and nice staff.
Apr 26 2002 Troubadour
Los Angeles CA
Les Savy Fav Packed, sold-out show at a big club. Pretty exciting.
Apr 27 2002 KSDT
UC San Diego CA
  Fun radio show appearance for the university. Plus, Rishi treated us all to lunch courtesy of his mealcard.
Apr 27 2002 Casbah
San Diego CA
Les Savy Fav
Pleasure Forever
Cool little club; the only problem is it's 21 and over, which seems to be the way of it in San Diego.
Apr 28 2002 The Cooler Lounge
Las Vegas NV
Les Savy Fav
Pleasure Forever
Kind of a weird show to a very small crowd. The best Fav show we've ever seen, though, and after 56 shows together, the end of our touring brotherhood.
Apr 30 2002 MonkeyMania
Denver CO
Luke from Sparkles set up this fun show in his house/show space with very little notice; sound was surprisingly good, due to the classic warehouse acoustics, and a great time was had by all.
May 1 2002 Replay
Lawrence KS
Nigel Peppercock
A show that could have been much better if the vocal PA hadn't died on the second song. Brett from Slurry established himself as the coolest guy ever by giving Jeff a cymbal stand to replace his ridiculously trashed, constantly-falling-over one.
May 2 2002 Mojo's
Columbia MO
Sofa Kit XL
One Inch Punch
13 Stars
Gratifyingly positive response from the crowd here.
May 3 2002 The Lemmons
St Louis MO
Good Griefs
Fun show in a club that looks just like someone's basement: carpeted floor, wood-paneled walls; a heavy 70s vibe in general. Low ceiling, too. Great deep-dish pizza.
May 4 2002 The Red Rose
Murfreesboro TN
Detachment Kit
The Gold Room
The Joshua Falken Trio
Satisfying show with three great bands. Jeff cut his knuckles pretty good, always the sign of a good set.
May 5 2002 The Musiquarium
Jackson MS
Party of Helicopters
The John Black Attack
Very fun show. The club is in a little shopping mall. Promoter Wes made us a great dinner, and pancakes and veggie sausage in the morning.
May 6 2002 The Earl
Atlanta GA
Party of Helicopters
The Blame Game
Good show. The Earl is always cool. Party of Helicopters were great.
May 7 2002 Go Rehearsal Studios
Chapel Hill NC
  The final show on our tour was a big blow-out with about 8 people in the audience, at least one of whom was from the other band.
June 2002 DCAC
Washington DC
The Snuff Project Good show, from what I remember.
July 9 2002 Winchester's
Baltimore MD
GoGoGo Airheart
El Guapo
Death of Marat
We start our NE Minitour, and our association with GGGAH, with an inauspicious gig at a comedy club. Pretty much no one was there.
July 10 2002 Black Cat
Washington DC
GoGoGo Airheart Much better than the first night of the tour; good, responsive crowd (rare in DC).
July 12 2002 Northsix
Brooklyn NY
GoGoGo Airheart
The Peppermints
Our first time back in NY in awhile and it went pretty well. Lots of friends from other bands came out, which is always cool.
July 13 2002 AS220
Providence RI
GoGoGo Airheart
Kind of a weird show in a little coffeehouse-type place. The vocals kept going out for all the bands, except Moray, who didn't have any to begin with. Hash's (from GGGAH) family came; we stayed at their place and were fed like kings.
July 14 2002 T.T. The Bear's
Boston MA
GoGoGo Airheart
The Faux
This show ruled. Great line-up from start to finish. Great crowd. Pat from Liars split his eyebrow open on a mic stand and kept rocking, ignoring the blood that was literally pouring from the cut all over his face and onto the stage.
July 17 2002 Tritone
Philly PA
GoGoGo Airheart
This show was supposed to be at another club, but the owners never showed up to open the doors in a depressing repeat of our Mobile AL show. Luckily, the promoter and GGGAH were kind enough to add us to a second show they were doing at the Tritone bar; saving the final date of the tour from being a complete disaster. Turnout and sound were suprisingly good.
Aug 5 2002 Fort Reno Park
Washington DC
Pines of Nowhere
Field Machine
Rained out, despite the absence of rain. Apes and Field Machine arrived to an empty, sunny field. Played catch for a bit, then went home and saw the email message saying the show was cancelled.
August 8 2002 Knitting Factory
New York
The Dishes
The Witnesses
The Newborn Naturals
No vocals for most of the first song, and the usual technical problems with the bass cab, but we got a good response from the people there. Paul fell into Jeff's drum set and knocked most of it over, leaving just hi-hat and snare to finish out the song.
Sept 8 2002 Luxx
Brooklyn NY
Udet This show was supposed to be with the Panthers and Bad Wizard. By the time the show rolled around, everyone on the original line-up had cancelled and been replaced, except for us. What with that and the lack of promotion, it was a pretty small crowd, but the show went pretty well. We did an unheard-of-for-us total of 11 songs. The sound was great, at least for the other bands.
Sept 19 2002 Talking Head
Baltimore MD
Party of Helicopters
Great show. The club is very small and narrow, with mirrored walls, and a weird stage with beams in the way, so we set up on the floor. PoH were awesome, as their crazy fans who whooped and hollered through the set would agree.
Sept 23 2002 Empty Bottle
Chicago IL
The Watchers
Another excellent show. GGGAH were awesome, and the Watchers had a great, vaguely Talking Heads-ish thing going on. Rob of 90 Day Men hosted us for the night in his house full of strange DVDs, comics, and videogames.
Sept 24 2002 Howard's Club H
Bowling Green OH
GoGoGo Airheart
Kind of a strange show. The first band didn't go on until almost 11pm on Tuesday night, but there was a pretty sizable crowd anyway. Stylex played a weird, noisy set supplemented by sequencers and all that crazy electronic stuff. After the show we crashed on the floor of promoter Brock's record store in the shopping mall.
Sept 25 2002 Lime Spider
Akron OH
GoGoGo Airheart
The Magnificent Tallboys
Great show. Great sound, too. GGGAH were on fire. The Tallboys played really catchy rock with vocals reminiscent of Mark E Smith from the Fall. Good stuff.
Sept 26 2002 Warsaw
Brooklyn NY
GoGoGo Airheart
An Albatross
Frustrating but fun show. We played in the Oak Room, which is exactly what it sounds like: A small room with hardwood floors. The stage, made of two pieces, drifted apart during our set, forcing Jeff to move his kit to the floor a few songs in and get up close and personal with the audience. The echoey nature of the room suited our sound pretty well.
Sept 27 2002 The Khyber
Philadelphia PA
GoGoGo Airheart
The Capitol Years
Paul split his nose and eyebrow on the monitor, and Jeff's hi-hat turned inside-out.
Sept 28 2002 The Berwick Institute
Boston MA
GoGoGo Airheart
The Panthers
The Faux
Very D.I.Y. show put together at the last minute when the scheduled venue lost its liquor license. Decent turn-out, considering. Another concrete room that muddied up the sound, but also made it sound big and tough, always a plus. The Panthers were deafening.
Oct 19 2002 9.30 Club
Washington DC
The Reverend Horton Heat After three years, our triumphant return to DC's premier club, again with the Reverend. Great treatment and great sound, but not one of our best performances by most accounts. We made a few new fans, though, which is good considering the crowd probably wasn't in the mood for our ponderous dirges.
Nov 9 2002 Artomatic
Washington DC
Echo Mutt
We were a little worried at first by the fact that the show was in a strip-mall, and the room we were playing in was very big and very empty (aside from the artwork). Turned out to be a fun show with surprisingly good sound.
Nov 23 2002 Wesleyan University
Middletown CT
Party of Helicopters
Tunnel of Love
Hearts of Darknesses
Gregor Samsa
Parts and Labor
Seven bands packed into a freezing basement "cafe" in the middle of campus (freezing because many of the windows were broken out). Crowd was small but, thankfully, enthusiastic and lively. PoH and Tunnel of Love rocked.
Nov 24 2002 Luxx
Brooklyn NY
Party of Helicopters
Tunnel of Love
The Tallboys
Decent show. Decent turn-out for a Sunday night. Tunnel of Love ruled.
Nov 28 2002 Grandrokk
Reykjavik Iceland
Fidel Nice, small club. Plagued by our usual technical difficulties, we played to a small but enthusiastic crowd.
Nov 29 2002 Grandrokk
Reykjavik Iceland
Minus A much better show than the previous night. Still had some problems, but there were twice as many people, including some who had been there the previous night. At both Iceland shows, several in the crowd showed their appreciation by hurling their empty glasses at our feet, sending shards spraying everywhere.
Dec 3 2002 Freebutt
Brighton UK
Alta May
The Star Spangles
Fun show to start our UK tour off. The soundman, Steve, cranked the sound to obscene (and satisfying) levels -- it was the loudest we'd ever been, and it felt great. The Star Spangles were some weird group of youngsters with a complete entourage in tow: soundman, manager, roadie, driver, guitar tech, etc. When presented with the pasta and bread the promoter had prepared for us, the one kid in the band said "Is this it?" and another one said "We have to feed ourselves?"
Dec 4 2002 Arts Cafe
London UK
Alta May
Lomax played some cool angular rock, and Alta May ripped it up. We played a good set, but Jeff was in a living hell of drum problems. The snare head was ripped, the stool couldn't be raised past its minimum height (making the drums at about the level of his collarbone), and the stage came apart, causing every piece of the kit to tilt and sway into the pit opening beneath it.
Dec 5 2002 Moles
Bath UK
Alta May
Ivory Springer
Great show in a beautiful city, with super-cool promoters and people at the club. Ivory Springer were a tight Shellac-y band. Alta May rocked hard. The crowd was totally into everything. The only downside was that we had to load out before the last chords had finished ringing: we had to make it to the ferry 154 miles away before it sailed for Ireland. With Paul Drake keeping the needle pinned at 95mph, we made it with literally not one minute to spare.
Dec 6 2002 Pine Lodge
Myrtleville Ireland
Alta May Definitely the coolest place we've ever played: a quaint bed and breakfast right on the beach. After a good nap in our room, we were fed by Mick, the proprietor, before coming downstairs to the bar to play the show. Hot showers were only a few steps away after the rock.
Dec 7 2002 High Stool
Limerick Ireland
Alta May
While Pine Lodge was the coolest venue, this was the best show of the tour. A good-sized bar, a packed crowd, and a high-energy set from all three bands. Possibly the biggest Apes crowd to date (at least when we weren't opening for some big band).
Dec 8 2002 Whelan's
Dublin Ireland
Alta May Terrific sound and an absolutely beautiful venue run by awesome people; unfortunately, a small turn-out kept the show from being as good as it could have been. Next time should be better.
Dec 9 2002 West 13th Bar
Glasgow Scotland
Alta May
The Grease Monkeys
I think there were 12 people at this show. Luckily, the food nearly made up for the lack of an audience.
Dec 10 2002 The Masque Theater
Liverpool UK
Alta May
Purple Gekko
Alta May delivered an awesome set on guitarist Erik's birthday. The venue and sound were great, but attendance was disappointing, much like Whelan's. Liverpool was a cool city, though.
Dec 11 2002 The Social
Nottingham UK
Alta May
Designer Babies
Great show in a cool little bar/club. Designer Babies played a cool if weird set of quiet passages and Creole vocals punctuated by blisteringly fast bursts.
Dec 12 2002 Sheffield University
Sheffield UK
Alta May
St Rose
Phenomenal sound in a venue that seemed way too big for us. Luckily, being in the Student Union meant a couple hundred or more students filled up the room after seeing Primal Scream upstairs. St Rose played some catchy rock/pop, Alta May sounded amazing, and apparently we were absolutely deafening. Yes!
Dec 13 2002 The Garage
London UK
Alta May
The last show of the tour was a great one. Big crowd (presumably there for excellent Welsh rockers Mclusky), more loud and clear sound. UK soundmen definitely seem to crank the PAs more than Americans.
Dec 28 2002 Black Cat
Washington DC
The Dismemberment Plan
Ms Spice & the
Malenium Band
Really cool show to end our year on. The Plan sold the club out for the second night in a row. Ms Spice & co. played a great set of infectious go-go, the Plan got everyone dancing, and in between we had a fun set of our own.

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