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Jan 22 2003 The Blackbird
Portland OR
The Building Press
An inauspicious start to the tour. Only twenty or so people showed up, and we weren't at our best. The best part about the show was the food the club provides.
Jan 23 2003 Sit & Spin
Seattle WA
Alta May
The Charming Snakes
Always a pleasure playing with Alta May. Cool club, but we were disappointed in the turn-out; we'd gotten such a good response the previous time we were in Seattle, we'd been hoping for better.
Jan 24 2003 The Pic Pub
Vancouver BC
Channels 3 & 4
Run Chico Run
This was a great show. Great bands, great crowd; we had a blast. The promoter did a terrific job as well, which is to say that he actually promoted the show, unlike many "promoters".
Jan 25 2003 Thursday's
Victoria BC
Black Rice
Frog Eyes
Another fun show. Black Rice and Frog Eyes were both excellently odd.
Jan 26 2003 The Vista
Eureka CA
Audio Wreck
Las Calaveras
We were convinced this show would suck, being in a small town on a Monday night. It ended up being really good, with a surprising (and surprisingly enthusiastic) turn-out. The owner of the bar bought two copies of Street Warz to hang on the wall.
Jan 28 2003 Ark-a-ik
Reno NV
Groovie Ghoulies
Another show we had less-than-high hopes for that turned out really well. Manplanet, in addition to playing cool synthy-pop/rock complete with pyrotechnics, were the nicest guys in the world. We didn't play particularly memorably, but still seemed to go over well (based on merch sales if nothing else).
Jan 29 2003 Cafe du Nord
San Francisco
Black Cat Music
Really cool little club with good sound. No food, though. The show went well, and we met a lot of cool people.
Jan 30 2003 The Capitol Garage
Sacramento CA
Bluebird The local band that was presumably going to bring a crowd didn't show, and neither did the crowd. A turnout of twelve people made for a less than ideal show, but Bluebird rocked and we did what we do. On the plus side, the food portions were ridiculously large (especially the nachos), and there is a really good used bookstore next door.
Jan 31 2003 The Smell
Los Angeles CA
GoGoGo Airheart
Alta May
Great, great show. The Smell is a really cool space, with good, tough, "live" sound. The place was packed with 400 kids, and all the bands put on great shows. The only lame thing was that Jeff couldn't get water after playing, because they had "already given the Apes like eight waters". This wouldn't have been a problem if there were more than one bathroom in the whole place, which had an endless line queued up in front of it at all times.
Feb 1 2003 The Casbah
San Diego CA
Hot Hot Heat
The Walkmen
Alta May
The Thermals
Fun show to end the tour with. We and Alta May played in the back room amongst the arcade games; despite the inadequate PA, a good time was had by all. The free Berzerk machine didn't hurt, either.
Feb 6 2003 Maxwell's
Hoboken NJ
Party of Helicopters This is one of those places, like the Khyber in Philly, that has all the ingredients of being a cool club, but somehow all our shows there suck. Our disappointment at the turnout was alleviated by seeing lots of our friends at the show. The best part was loading out into the beginnings of a snow storm, and having what should have been a 3.5 hour drive home become a 7-hour ordeal.
Mar 21 2003 Beachland Ballroom
Cleveland OH
Black Keys Black Keys packed them in, but we got a rather lukewarm reception. We weren't exactly setting the world on fire with our performance, though. On the plus side, we finally worked some of the newer songs into the set.
Apr 4-5 2003 Bowery Ballroom
The Walkmen
The Minors
Lil' Fighters
Two shows in a row with the Walkmen. Both were sold out, but the crowd was a little dead for our liking. Good, loud sound, though.
Apr 10 2003 Black Cat
Washington DC
Cool Candy
Fun show with a packed crowd on the backstage. When Paul asked to have all the lights turned on, the guy mis-heard him and turned them all off. Erick's strap came off his bass on nearly every song, forcing him to play sitting down most of the time. Jeff broke three out of the five sticks he brought during the intro, in an orgy of sloppy playing.
April 12 2003 Rutgers University
New Brunswick NJ
Trans Am
French Kicks
Black Eyes
One of those all day things with twelve bands in the student center. Tons of vegan food provided, always a plus. Trans Am and Oxes were the standouts for us.
Apr 30 2003 Mr Roboto
Pittsburgh PA
Farewell Euclid
New Alcindors
Mr Roboto is back in its converted-bookstore location. Show was decent; response was good. Jeff had some weird arm fatigue/carpal tunnel that would plague him for the next three shows.
May 1 2003 High Five
Columbus OH
Boxcar Satan
El Jesus de Majico
In the dressing room, we got to hear the owner tell the tale of how she won the bar from her father in a poker game. El Jesus, former Magnificent Tallboys, rocked, as did the Boxcar. Paul bummed out all the girls in the audience with his antics.
May 2 2003 Metro
Chicago IL
Party of Helicopters
The Eternals
Our second under-attended show here. We got off easier than PoH, who opened, but this place just seems worse than most when it comes to the crowd showing up just for the headliners. Watchers reaped the spoils of 350+ people for the release of their awesome CD.
May 3 2003 Beachland
Cleveland OH
Party of Helicopters
Probably the best show of the tour. Awesome sets from all of the bands. Jeff's weird muscle problems finally went away.
May 4 2003 Frankie's
Toledo OH
Wesley Willis
Odd show. The crowd consisted entirely of 16-year old kids with Slipknot and Korn shirts, all there to see Wesley Willis and get his autograph and/or have their picture taken with him. He played after two local bands, then most of the crowd cleared out. He bought all three of our CDs; apparently he'd been fascinated by the band just based on hearing our name a few days before. He was selling his drawings for $50 a piece; Paul bought one of a train.
May 5 2003 Lager House
Detroit MI
Sweet-sounding room; unfortunately, almost nobody was there to hear it. Our first time in Detroit. Kissinger accepted credit cards at their merch table.
May 6 2003 The Bug Jar
Rochester NY
Party of Helicopters
Laundry Room Squelchers
One of those shows with a soundman who's freaking out about everything ("You all need to load in and get set up RIGHT NOW!"); he gets bonus points for the horrible feedback every vocalist had to endure. Jamie PoH was drunk out of his mind, but aside from the messiness, it was one of the best PoH shows we'd seen.
May 7 2003 Middle East
Boston MA
Party of Helicopters
We were horrifically late to this show (our tire blew out on the highway leaving Rochester), so missed Elefant. Watchers were crippled by lack of monitors, which the soundgirl couldn't or wouldn't turn up. Jeff cut his eyebrow open with the drumstick, inspiring Paul to dip his fingers in it and write something on the wall in blood. Scary!
May 9 2003 Knitting Factory
Ex Models
Party of Helicopters
Great show by all concerned; sweet sound, rocking performances.
May 10 2003 The Hosiery
Washington DC
Party of Helicopters
Tremendously hot, sweaty show, with a good crowd packed into a small concrete space.
May 13 2003 TJ's
Newport Wales
Party of Helicopters
Mountain Men Anonymous
The first show of the big UK tour was attended by approximately 25 people. Luckily, all of those people were tremendously enthusiastic, as were the promoter and owner. The magic thing about the UK is the people in the music scene actually like music: If they like your music, they want you back even if they lost money, contrasted to the widespread surliness in American promoters, soundmen, owners, etc.
May 15 2003 Moles
Bath UK
Party of Helicopters
Static Waves
Very good show at a very cool underground club. PoH were awesome.
May 17 2003 Pine Lodge
Myrtleville Ireland
Party of Helicopters Fun show at this truly awesome bed-and-breakfast/venue. Owner Mick is a huge music fan, and the enthusiasm is contagious. PoH were excellent again, and we were pretty good ourselves.
May 18 2003 High Stool
Limerick Ireland
Party of Helicopters
Another good show, with a pleasantly surprisingly good turn-out on a Sunday night. Ivan the promoter's band Estel played some cool, atmospheric synth-y stuff.
May 20 2003 Stereo
Glasgow Scotland
Party of Helicopters
Sluts of Trust
We were a little worried about this show, since last time we played here the audience numbered in the single digits, but it all worked out -- the tiny place was pretty crowded with enthusiastic music fans.
May 21 2003 Georgian Theatre
Stockton UK
Party of Helicopters
Lyca Sleep
Very cool place, apparently built in 1660 or thereabouts. Gargoyles flanking the stage. Big room + small crowd = weird experience, but it was still fun thanks to the big sound.
May 22 2003 Joseph's Well
Leeds UK
Party of Helicopters
Fur Traders
Yet another sweet venue. Nice carpeting and paneling, awesome sound (particularly on stage, which is rare). Plus an enormous quantity of food cooked for us, including always-appreciated garlic bread.
May 24 2003 Rescue Rooms
Nottingham UK
Party of Helicopters
Designer Babies
Our second show in Nottingham; our second show with Designer Babies, who completely rocked. Apparently Nottingham is also a secret PoH stronghold, as their fans came out of the woodwork for the show. A great night, with more of the classic deafening UK sound.
May 25 2003 Freebutt
Brighton UK
Party of Helicopters
The Mutts
Possibly the best show of the tour. Soundman Steve needs to travel around the world training soundmen, with his primary instruction being to TURN IT UP. Soundmen in the US will tell you that you can't turn it up in a small room or it will be a mess; strangely, the sound in the tiny space of Freebutt was cranked through the roof and it sounded incredible. Good venue, great crowd, great sound -- plus, it was our 200th show, commemorated with 200 cymbal crashes and a strangled count-off from Paul at the end of the set.
May 27 2003 Underworld
London UK
Party of Helicopters
Dead Meadow
Dead Meadow being added to the bill meant the presence of two DC bands often described as "prog-rock" or "stoner-rock" on one London stage. This last show of the tour was a good one on every front.
June 6 2003 PS211
Winston-Salem NC
New Planet Makes a Rising
We kicked the tour off in style to a crowd of 15 on a Friday night. The venue was actually really nice, a converted art space with hardwood floors and a high, exposed-beam ceiling.
June 7 2003 Pilot Light
Knoxville TN
Pink Sexies
The Fangs
Cool little club, and one of the best shows of the tour. Good crowd (mostly there for Pink Sexies' brand of old-school punk rock) and we played well. The Fangs were great; this was their first show, though you wouldn't have known it.
June 8 2003 The Earl
Atlanta GA
We just do not do well in Atlanta. Once again, we played to a smattering of people and got little response. The food was good as always, though.
June 9 2003 Martin's
Jackson MI
The Overnight Lows Promoter of the Gods, Wes Williams, managed to make a Monday night in Mississippi one of the better shows on the tour. Overnight Lows kicked out some great, high-speed rock, and we followed up with a set which saw Paul tangling with the crowd and getting knocked into the merch table.
June 10 2003 Fat Cat's
Houston TX
China Street
Extreme Animals
Good-sized club with stellar sound, thanks in no small part to soundman Don Mack. No soundchecks, yet the sound was the best of any venue on the tour. China Street were amazing, despite being short two members on this night. On the list of venue expenses was $14 for the two bags of chips and salsa in the trailer that served as "band room".
June 11 2003 Emo's
Austin TX
Need New Body
We got stuck playing first on this bill as a last-minute add, so the bulk of our set was played to a very sparse crowd. By the time we finished, though, the room was pretty packed, and we were ready to call the ambulances for our heat exhaustion. Emo's is always a fun club, plus they give you a very generous six drink tickets per band member.
June 12 2003 Rubber Gloves
Denton TX
Faceless Werewolves
The Vain
We were psyched to be playing with the Werewolves again, having played with them our first time in Denton in 2002. They were even better than before. Unfortunately the crowd was pretty dismal, as reflected in our payout.
June 14 2003 Modified
Phoenix AZ
The Dietrichs
Another nice art gallery doubling as venue; thankfully, it had strong AC to combat the 106 degree Phoenix heat. The Bangs were supposed to headline this show, but had to cancel, meaning another small crowd. Fun show, though.
June 15 2003 Spaceland
Los Angeles CA
GoGoGo Airheart
Last Great Liar
The Nervous Return
Very fun show, in the midst of many friends, hampered somewhat by the typical soundman who insists he can't turn anything up any louder. It's always fun to spend 20 minutes sound-checking the drums only to have all the drum mics be turned off because "they're loud enough without the PA".
June 16 2003 Casbah
San Diego CA
GoGoGo Airheart
Dance Disaster Movement
Good show, and a very good crowd for a Monday night in San Diego. The only problem with the Casbah is that there's nowhere to eat within a twenty-block radius.
June 17 2003 Hemlock
San Francisco CA
Experimental Dental School This must be the smallest club in the world, but it sounds great; interestingly, the soundman cranked the PA much louder than the guy at Spaceland, despite the fact that Spaceland must be at least ten times bigger. We played a good set, too, and people seemed into it.
June 18 2003 21 Grand
Oakland CA
Experimental Dental School
A big art-space/venue, all concrete for the big abrasive sound. Replicator were excellent, with an insanely hard-hitting drummer. EDS were tight and quirky once more.
June 19 2003 The Blackbird
Portland OR
The Thermals
All Girl Summer Fun Band
Mixed feelings about this club: great food, cool people, good space; but for some reason the shows never feel that great, and the crowd always seems kind of dead. Tonight was no exception.
June 20 2003 The Pic Pub
Vancouver BC
This show was double-booked, so it ended up being the ultimate clash of styles between the Apes and the other two acts, both of whom were ultra-sedate ambient-ish stuff. Not as great as our previous Pic Pub experience, but still a very good show.
June 21 2003 The Vera Project
Seattle WA
The Mu
La Onda
Kiss Kiss Kiss
Really cool venue, modeled after the Vera in the Netherlands (one of the coolest venues in Europe, bar none). Paul had to crack the whip on the soundman at soundcheck to get him to pump that shit up, but after that it was all good.
June 23 2003 Urban Lounge
Salt Lake City UT
Rodeo Boys
Crimson Sweet
Our first show of several with NY's Crimson Sweet turned out much better than expected, thanks no doubt to the drawing power of SLC's own Rodeo Boys. Urban Lounge is a cool bar laid out in a way much more suited to live music than most; plus, they serve the giant 32oz cans of Rockstar, the energy drink that helps you "Party all nite like the rockstars!"
June 24 2003 Larimer Lounge
Denver CO
Crimson Sweet
Very fun show in this tiny little bar, despite Jeff's hi-hat cymbal finally giving up the ghost. Sparkles were awesome, hugely loud and tight (despite their protestations to the contrary).
June 25 2003 The Replay
Lawrence KS
Crimson Sweet Our second show at the Replay was infinitely superior to the first time around: Bigger crowd, the PA didn't blow out after three songs, and we weren't all sick as dogs.
June 26 2003 Mojo's
Columbia MO
One Inch Punch
Firefly Alliance
In Fighting
Excellent show, with probably the most enthusiastic crowd of the tour -- they actually danced while we played. One Inch Punch showed they didn't suffer the loss of their former singer one bit.
June 28 2003 Fireside Bowl
Chicago IL
Tunnel of Love
Where the Moon Came From
Perfect Panther
We finally met up with Boston's mighty Tunnel of Love for the last few shows of the tour. They set up on the floor right before we played and tore it up. We played one of our best shows of the month to a welcoming crowd. Great sound, too.
June 29 2003 The Lime Spider
Akron OH
Tunnel of Love
Crimson Sweet
Sexual Tension
Another good show at the Spider, if not as big a crowd as the last time we'd played there. Erick said the sound was "REALLY loud", which, coming from him, must mean it was deafening. Yes!
June 30 2003 Northsix
Brooklyn NY
Tunnel of Love
Fin Fang Foom
Big Numbers
A good closer to almost two months' of touring. Tunnel ripped it up again and made a lot of fans. Many friends we hadn't seen in awhile in attendance, making for a fun night.
July 29 2003 9.30 Club
Washington DC
The Datsuns
Our first 9.30 appearance without Rev. Horton Heat went pretty well, or at least we thought so; the general consensus among our friends seemed to be that we were only "okay". What can you do?
Sept 5 2003 Black Cat
Washington DC
Q & Not U
Awesomely fun show to a packed house. We actually played some new songs for the first time in what seemed like forever. Apefriend Sean was dragged up on stage (willingly or not) for the last few songs in celebration of his 21st birthday.
Sept 16 2003 The Earl
Atlanta GA
Who Killed Teacher
Due to our van taking two days to fix various problems, we ended up leaving Maryland at 1pm for this show, the first of our mini-tour with Enon, and made it there just in time to load onto the stage and play our set. It was a good time, probably our best show at the Earl.
Sept 17 2003 Caledonia Lounge
Athens GA
We Vs. the Shark
Another fun show to a capacity crowd. Notable for a small stage utterly dominated by Enon's wall of equipment.
Sept 18 2003 Jackrabbit's
Jacksonville FL
Our first show ever in Florida. The crowd and venue seemed almost sports bar-ish, but it was still a good show. They had the classic bathroom with a toilet stall without a door.
Sept 19 2003 Revolver
(Soho Lounge)
Miami FL
Enon Very weird show. This was basically a dance club that happened to have us playing between DJ sets. An MC introduced us, the crowd was very much non-indie (not necessarily a bad thing), and it was still suffocatingly hot out when we finally loaded out at 4.30am through the still-dancing throngs.
Sept 20 2003 The Social
Orlando FL
Best show of the tour, and probably the best place we've ever played in the U.S. Very nice club with great sightlines, great sound, spacious stage, very cool staff, and an enthusiastic crowd: Basically, everything a band could hope for in a show and venue.
Sept 21 2003 Beta Bar
Tallahassee FL
Xelophane Usiq
Huge stage in a big room; nothing really remarkable about the show.
Sept 22 2003 Young Avenue Deli
Memphis TN
Enon Fun show in an enormous bar with a friendly staff. People seemed into it.
Sept 23 2003 Martin's
Jackson MI
Matt Suggs
Another rowdy and almost-dangerously crowded show at the tiny bar Martin's. It's always fun setting up on the floor right in the midst of all the people. Great sets from all the bands.
Sept 24 2003 Rubber Gloves
Denton TX
Record Hop
A weird show on our part. Paul got in an extended argument with a fan who may or may not have pulled the cord out of Paul's mic, bringing the set to a screeching halt exactly one song in. It was hard to get our momentum back after that.
Sept 25 2003 Emo's
Austin TX
The Octopus Project
It's always a pleasure playing Emo's, not least because of the 6 drink tickets per band member they give you (which, unlike most clubs, are good for liquor as well as beer). Jeff felt like death during the set, though.
Sept 26 2003 Fat Cat's
Houston TX
China Street
The Like Young
Jeff and Paul thought the last show of the tour was a good one, Amanda and Erick thought it was weak. At least the sound was excellent. The Like Young from Chicago played some stellar power pop, and China Street rocked out again despite the always-fun sliding bass drum problem. Enon were amazing. The crowd was pretty dead throughout the night, though, showing little love while the bands were rocking.
Oct 4 2003 Mercury Lounge
People of the North
King of France
Fur Cups for Teeth
This show was fun, and the place was pretty packed, but with five bands, the show was long. Pat's new project Raft was really cool pedal-loop-based stuff accompanied by film projections by friend Joe.
Oct 11 2003 GW University
A Day in Black & White
Bicycle Thieves
Eastern Homes
Alfonso Velez
This was a free show on the quad in the middle of campus. A beautiful fall day couldn't help the inevitable weird vibe we always get playing outside, with the sound just kind of floating away, but it was still a pretty fun show.
Oct 11 2003 Warehouse Next Door
Head Roc
Hott Beat
Our second show of the day; great acoustics in this tiny little room, and a great time was had by all. Erick played bass while riding around the club on someone's shoulders.
Oct 22 2003 Knitting Factory
Les Savy Fav
Ex Models
Bloodthirsty Lovers
We Ragazzi
The Hold Steady
Magic Magicians
This was the FrenchKiss/Self-Starter Foundation/etc showcase for CMJ. 10 bands on two stages, with set times staggered so the bands weren't competing with each other. At least that was the theory; in practice, of course, times drifted, and sets overlapped. Still, a good time was had by the capacity crowd. Naturally our set began with the soundman telling us to turn down before we'd even finished setting up, and giving Paul a hard time about taping the mic cord to the mic to keep it from pulling out.
Nov 7 2003 Supreme Imperial
Baltimore MD
Weird War
The Hush
DJ Simon the Phoenixxx
DJ Mikie Singer
This was apparently the first show at a new venue in Baltimore. It was a pretty cool space with good acoustics, which is surprising considering some of the people running the show (and playing it) live there. We finished our set at around 2.30am (fairly typical Baltimore time) giving Paul just enough space to make it to the train station to catch the 3.00am train back to New York.
Dec 12 2003 Pianos
Blue Sparks
Very small, intimate space with a decent stage and sound. I don't think we ever actually met, spoke to, or even saw anyone actually involved with running the show. The highlight was Watchers' hot new material, and hot new beards.
Dec 18 2003 Ottobar
Baltimore MD
Fun show where we actually played some new songs (with mixed results). Crowd was really young for the most part, and really enthusiastic. Mudhoney, of course, ruled.

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