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Feb 18 2001 Brownies
The Liars
Teenage Makeover
Flying Aces
Our first show at Brownies; a really cool place with very good sound. Liars rocked. You can watch a goofy streaming video of this show on www.dcn.com.
March 7 2001 CBGB
Drop Ceiling
We were excited to play the legendary CBGB. Aside from great sound, though, the place more or less sucked. The people were on the hostile side, giving all the bands hard times about set length and everything.
March 10 2001 the Khyber
Burning Brides
The Burn-Outs
Terminal Crash
Cool little club. Burn-Outs from Denmark rocked and were very nice people, as, of course, were Burning Brides (who set up the show).
March 11 2001 the Velvet Lounge
Burning Brides
The Burn-Outs
Our triumphant return to DC after not playing any shows here in a couple months was somewhat disappointing. Brides and Burn-Outs rocked again, though.
May 6 2001 Brownies
The Sightings
Gang Gang Dance
Empty Hearts
Another good Brownies show with a good line-up of bands. The webcast archived on www.dcn.com actually turned out pretty good.
May 26 2001 DCAC
Liars This show took place in a small theater adjoining the art gallery that was holding a show for Erick. The audience could enjoy the rock from the comfort of nice red theater seats. It worked out really well; Liars were amazing and we had a good time.
June 1 2001 the Black Cat
Dismemberment Plan
Dismemberment Plan is a huge draw, so we played to a sold-out crowd of over 500 people, probably our biggest yet.
July 1 2001 Mercury Lounge
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Yeah Yeah Yeahs were really catchy and fun.
July 13 2001 ?
Fredericksburg VA
Poseur Bill Can't remember much about this show.
July 19 2001 Ft Reno Park
Dateline: Diamonds
We actually made it through our set this time around.
August 5 2001 Brownies
Detachment Kit
Roots of Orchis
August 13 2001 Knitting Factory
Murder City Devils
Emily's Bat Mitzvah
This show went really well and the other bands were really cool.
August 31 2001 Clarendon Park Metro
Canyon Our second show here; this time, we just played horribly. Canyon were great, though.
Sept 2 2001 Ottobar
Baltimore MD
The Fuses
The Uniform
Sept 19 2001 James Madison University
? A weird show sponsored by the college; by the time we went on, we had twenty minutes to play before they had to shut down.
Sept 26 2001 Middle East
Boston MA
Tunnel of Love
Great, fun show, and the first of a mini-tour with Liars. Tunnel of Love were a fantastic band and great guys.
Sept 27 2001 Tune Inn Cafe
New Haven CT
Liars Another show that seemed like it would suck but turned out great.
Sept 28 2001 The Bug Jar
Rochester NY
Liars Really cool show at a cool place set up by Mr Mark Benoit. Two girls who'd seen us in DC came out in capes to match Paul's and danced with him during the show: very cool. Got to play Joust on the original arcade cabinet at Mark's house.
Sept 29 2001 House Show
New Brunswick NJ
There were like six other bands on this bill that I can't think of, but some of them were pretty cool.
Oct 5 2001 Some space
Brooklyn NY
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Tunnel of Love
Our set was marred by horrible technical problems and sloppy musicianship. The other bands rocked, though, and the house was packed for Liars record release.
Oct 8 2001 Black Cat
Liars This was a really good show.
Oct 9 2001 Hole in the Wall
Richmond VA
Liars This show ended after 3am on a Tuesday night. Erick got in almost a full-on fight with a drunk girl who was throwing ice cubes at Liars.
Oct 18 2001 some TV show
--- We played "Lightning" four or five times on an Icelandic talk show while a fog machine choked and blinded us. Then Paul and Erick did an interview with the hostess in a fake kitchen.
Oct 18 2001 Gaukur a Stong
Reykjavik Iceland
Strigaskor nr42
Sandwiched between the hardest Icelandic hardcore bands, we thought we'd get our asses kicked. But people seemed into us and we had a great time.
Oct 20 2001 Vidalin
Reykjavik Iceland
Dismemberment Plan A really fun show in a bar about 100 feet from the house we were staying at.
Nov 1 2001 Bowery Ballroom
Les Savy Fav
The first of four shows with !!! and the Fav. This was a benefit for the FDNY. Sound was surprisingly weak for such a big place. Some guy handing out flyers for a North 6 show out front was nearly beaten up by one of the bouncers.
Nov 2 2001 The Middle East
Boston MA
Les Savy Fav
Fun show in a big room with good sound and good food.
Nov 3 2001 The Khyber
Philly PA
Les Savy Fav
This should have been a fun show, but recurring technical problems caused Jeff to storm off the stage in disgust mid-set.
Nov 4 2001 Mr Roboto
Pittsburgh PA
Les Savy Fav
Very fun show with a good crowd. The drum sound was awesome in this room. Fav rocked, and !!! had the whole place pouring sweat.
Nov 10 2001 Swarthmore College
Arab on Radar This was a free show right in the middle of campus in this cool little converted castle-type thing. It was fun, but the crowd was kind of dead. The drummer from the first band had this great windmill move that Jeff would steal if he could get it right.
Nov 26 2001 40 Watt Club
Athens GA
Ex Models Cool club, but we had no business headlining it. Ten people showed up in a 400+ capacity room. This was the beginning to our first "real" tour.
Nov 27 2001 The Splash
Mobile AL
Ex Models
The Brought Low
This show never actually happened. We showed up at 6pm when we were supposed to soundcheck, and waited around until 10.30pm. No one ever showed up at the club, despite their having confirmed it earlier in the day. We stayed at the home of xbxrx, nice guys and world conquerors.
Nov 28 2001 Dixie Tavern
New Orleans LA
Ex Models
Rye Coalition
Another show with too many bands on the bill and not enough people in the crowd. The saving grace was Rye Coalition's entertainingly destructive set.
Nov 29 2001 Emo's
Austin TX
Les Savy Fav
Ex Models
Cutthroats 9
Really cool place; by odd coincidence, it was 40 degrees out and we were playing on the outside stage. Very strange playing with numb hands. Ex Models played a great set, as did the Fav. Cutthroats 9 were brutal.
Nov 30 2001 Rubber Glove
Denton TX
Les Savy Fav
Faceless Werewolves
Great, great show. Lots of enthusiastic kids, the Werewolves were awesome, and the Fav did their sequencer-driven, audience participation version of Danzig's "Mother".
Dec 1 2001 Clunk Music Hall
Fayetteville AR
Les Savy Fav
Paper Hearts
Very cool venue. Despite Chris (soundman/owner/booker) having a tiny little Mackie mixing board, the Fav sounded better than they had any of the other places we'd played. Paper Hearts played some great heartfelt country-ish tunes with amazing harmonies.
Dec 2 2001 The Hurricane
Kansas City MO
Les Savy Fav
Dirt Nap
Weird show at a dance-club/bar.
Dec 3 2001 Rocket Bar
St Louis MO
Les Savy Fav
Dirt Nap
Very fun show at a very cool club. Enthusiastic crowd; all three bands put on great shows. Plus, we got to meet Beatle Bob.
Dec 4 2001 The End
Nashville TN
Les Savy Fav This show went well despite a small turnout.
Dec 5 2001 The Earl
Atlanta GA
Les Savy Fav We ate better at the Earl than we had all tour. Great black bean veggie burgers.
Dec 6 2001 Go! Rehearsal Studio
Carrboro NC
Les Savy Fav Good show in a cool room. Paul's relatives came to see him.
Dec 7 2001 Black Cat
Les Savy Fav
Our triumphant homecoming. Show went really well; one of our biggest crowds of the tour.
Dec 8 2001 Ottobar
Baltimore MD
Les Savy Fav
The show itself was a great end to a great first tour, but the club stuck us and Liars with bills for microphone cables we supposedly broke during our sets, souring the evening for us.

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