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483 performances as of August 23, 2008

Feb 12 2008 SUNY Purchase
Sole Really cool space -- a giant warehouse-type room with arcade games, pool and ping-pong tables, skate ramps, and a big stage and PA. Unfortunately it was under-attended, most likely due to the one-two punch of college kid apathy and brutal weather. We were playing a bunch of new songs for the first time and were a little rough.
Feb 13 2008 Silk City
Philadelphia PA
Gang Nice little bar with friendly staff and a new sound system. We played pretty well.
Feb 14 2008 Cake Shop
These Are Powers
Knyfe Hyts
Mixel Pixel
Our second time at Cake Shop was as fun as the first. Lots of friendly faces in the audience and we felt like we were warmed up by this point. These Are Powers were excellent and deafening.
Feb 15 2008 Harper's Ferry
Boston MA
Telephone Jim Jesus
Gavin somebody
Big, fancy bar/club. Kind of a different vibe for us, more of a college/jam type atmosphere. Show went fine, though.
Feb 16 2008 Living Room
Providence RI
Skyrider Band
Telephone Jim Jesus
Apes sandwiched in a hip-hop bill in a classic hardcore club. Weird. Sound was fantastic, though, both onstage and from the crowd.
Feb 17 2008 Monkey Bar
Burlington VT
Nosebleed Island
At first this seemed grim. Tiny bar/coffeehouse-type place, only a handful of mellow college types in attendance. We decided to just try and kill it and the show ended up being awesome, with windows steaming up almost instantly and kids dancing. Any show where the kids dance is pretty much automatically a good one. The room sounded good, too (vocal PA only).
Feb 19 2008 Bug Jar
Rochester NY
Tiger Cried Beef
Fun show at the ol' Bug Jar, where we've been playing since our first tour in 2001. The place has been fancied up a bit but is still a good, small, stripped down room with a high but shallow stage and very nice people working there.
Feb 20 2008 Soundlab
Buffalo NY
A Hotel Nourishing
Bev Beverly
Cool club in the basement of a fancy law building. Great sound. We played pretty well and got a good response. Props to the people of Buffalo who show up to weeknight shows when it's 10 degrees out (not including windchill).
Feb 21 2008 Porphyria
Southfield MI
Robot Cowboy
Larom Lab
Weird show held in a guy named Guy's nice house outside Detroit, as the original location (Scrummage University) had been shut down. We had trouble getting any momentum because my hi-hat broke on the first song, requiring a five-minute stretch of dead air while I fixed it when the song ended. Erick's bass was also unusually quiet. People were still pretty enthusiastic.
Feb 22 2008 Abbey Pub
Chicago IL
Great venue -- not too big, not too small, excellent sound onstage and in the house. We were warmed up and played well. Crowd really seemed to enjoy it.
Feb 23 2008 Bourbon St
Columbus OH
Hugs & Kisses
Classic little rock club/bar. Surprisingly good sound for such a small place, and very good (and unusual) pizzas. Hugs & Kisses were amazing, essentially a mini-musical about Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and a girl who was (literally) an ass. Definitely see them if you ever have the chance. Unfortunately, we were kind of flat at this show and never felt like we really got going. It didn't help that Erick's bass was out for the whole first
Feb 29 2008 Black Cat
Washington DC
Food for Animals
Kid Congo Powers
Fantastic show. Our first time headlining the main stage at Black Cat. A good crowd turned out, and I think we played our longest set ever (12 songs, which is a lot for us). People seemed to enjoy it, though some blogs have said the show was "unbearably loud". Waaah!
Mar 7 2008 The Camel
Richmond VA
An Albatross
Amoeba Men
Nice cafe/art space to start the tour.
Mar 8 2008 Slim's Downtown
Raleigh NC
An Albatross Long, narrow bar. Good sound. Weak turn-out, possibly because the show was moved at the last minute and there was some big basketball game on (we had to wait until it was over before playing). We and An Albatross both cranked out good sets.
Mar 9 2008 Newland Ballrooom
Columbia SC
An Albatross
Thank God
Really good crowd, even not taking into account that it was Sunday night. Very good sound, people seemed into the bands and everyone sold lots of merch. The club shows horror movies at midnight every Sunday, so after we played we got to see some of Undead (cool New Zealand horror/scifi/comedy).
Mar 10 2008 Caledonia Lounge
Athens GA
An Albatross
Great sound at a good club, but the turnout -- Monday night during Spring Break in a college town -- was abysmal. Oh well.
Mar 11 2008 J.J.'s Bohemia
Chattanooga TN
An Albatross
Coral Castles
Forest Magic
Our first show ever in Chattanooga and it was awesome. Full house, enthusiastic people, a great time for all. An Albatross really killed it at this show.
Mar 13 2008 GRAB
Houston TX
An Albatross
American Sharks
Yet another awful show in Houston, a city we keep intending to cross off the list but keep ending up in.
Mar 14 2008 American Apparel
Austin TX
The Teeth Surprisingly fun show in the middle of the floor at the American Apparel store, in front of a glass box housing an indoor pond of some sort.
Mar 14 2008 Flamingo Cantina
Austin TX
Mika Miko
Mae Shi
Old Time Relijun
Clipd Beaks
Another fantastic Panache/Lovepump showcase at SxSW. Unfortunately for me, this was the first of a long string of shows where I was sick and could barely make it through the set.
Mar 15 2008 Typewriter Museum
Austin TX
million other bands
Our first time playing Fuck-By-Fuck-You. Kind of weird playing in the sun, and I was snotting and coughing all over the place. Not one of our better performances.
Mar 15 2008 University of Texas @ Austin
Austin TX
bunch of other bands
Goofy evening show for the campus radio station, KVRX. We played pretty poorly. O'Death were excellent.
Mar 16 2008 Rubber Gloves
Austin TX
An Albatross
Eat Avery's Bones
Listening Project
I thought this was the best we'd played on this tour. Small crowd but a really good time. I liked all the bands, which is a rarity beyond comprehension.
Mar 17 2008 Record Bar
Kansas City MO
Rattle & Hum
Old Time Relijun
Very bizarre show. A St. Patrick's day party at Record Bar, with bands both inside the club and (in our case) in a giant tent in the parking lot. Weather was awful. Soundman was drunk out of his mind and had us do two 100% identical soundchecks, including all the exact same comments each time ("Rack tom...floor tom...I said floor tom. You only have one tom? Okay, guitar. Guitar! No guitar? Crazy.") Rattle & Hum are a U2 cover band who, honestly, sounded amazing.
Mar 18 2008 2 Cents Plain
St Louis MO
An Albatross
Genghis Tron
Underwater Bear
Our first good show in St. Louis since our very first show there with Les Savy Fav about a hundred years ago. Cool club, cool people, fun show.
Mar 19 2008 Uptown
Minneapolis MN
An Albatross
Vampire Hands
Old school venue taking up half of a diner. Fresh off the St.Louis pleasant surprise, we end up having our first good show in Minneapolis. Good sound, fantastic job by the guy doing lights (lighting, believe it or not, really makes a difference in how exciting a band appears on stage), and great music. Vampire Hands played the Stooge's "Fun House" in its entirety, and Superhopper played great, melodic rock.
Mar 21 2008 Musica
Akron OH
Trouble Books Ultra-nice club. Clean, comfortable, spacious, good sound, everything you could want. Our set was a little weird, this being the first one since Amanda broke her ankle in Minneapolis.
Mar 22 2008 Cafe Metropolis
Wilkes-Barre PA
An Albatross
Ends With Disaster
An Albatross's hometown crowd turned up to make a fun show. Sound was weird, though.
Mar 23 2008 Bard College
Annandale-on-Hudson NY
An Albatross
We weren't super-psyched going into this show; college shows are always kind of hit-and-miss, mid-terms were going on, Amanda had the broken ankle, I was sick again, and the wheel had just fallen off our van. Show ended up being really fun, though, with a very enthusiastic crowd. We blew one of the PA speakers and An Albatross drove their car into the venue (it's a converted garage), so you know it was a good time.
Apr 4 2008 Velvet Lounge
Washington DC
True Womanhood
The first Apes show ever was here, back in 1999. It's been seven years since our last show at the Velvet. They've re-arranged the space some, but it was still a great, cramped, sweaty show.
Apr 5 2008 Georgetown University
Washington DC
Marnie Stern
Another good college show; our luck is improving. Good turnout + lots of dancing and smiles = success.
May 10 2008 Don Pedro's
Brooklyn NY
CPC Gangbang
Golden Error
It Lives
Fun show at a NY venue we hadn't played before. Weird, shallow stage.
Jun 13 2008 Magic Stick
Detroit MI
Lee Marvin Computer Arm
Child Bite
Beard of Bees
Terrible Twos
New songs and new equipment made for unsurprising technical problems. Set seemed okay at best.
Jun 27 2008 9.30 Club
Washington DC
Butthole Surfers Always a pleasure to play at the 9.30 Club, and the stellar sound (on-stage and out front) always makes us step up our game. Butthole Surfers were accompanied by the School of Rock kids.
Jul 4 2008 The Yard
Brooklyn NY
Marnie Stern
Double Dagger
Power Douglas
Indian Jewelry
80's Hardcore
Kind of goofy show. Outdoors by a smelly river. Sound was surprisingly good for an outdoor show, but playing still felt a little off.
Jul 5 2008 B.A.M. Skate Park
Brooklyn NY
Janelle Monae
Playing a show run by Matthew Morgan (Afropunk) really makes it clear how poorly run most other indie shows are. This was a pretty big event, running 9 days in the outdoors with 5-6 bands per day, pro skate and BMX demos, etc, and yet everything was totally pro and smooth. I had a good time playing, and for the first time a borrowed drum kit didn't cause problems. Unfortunately, Amanda's keyboard kept going out, so it wasn't our best performance.
Jul 17 2008 Fort Reno Park
Washington DC
Police & Thieves
We Were Pirates
We finally manage to have a great show at Fort Reno. Really good crowd, no rain, no technical problems to speak of.
Aug 8 2008 Comet Pizza & Ping-Pong
Washington DC
Double Dagger
Really fun show. Everyone put on a great show and people seemed to dig it.
Aug 14 2008 The Milestone
Charlotte NC
Planet Piss
Venomous Snacks
Nothing But Net
Typical rough start to a few days' worth of shows. Erick had amp problems and we just didn't seem to get it together.
Aug 15 2008 40 Watt Club
Athens GA
Faintest Ideas
Ruby Isle
Secret History
Long day of bands. Lots of good stuff, but the one that stood out to me the most was Cryptacize. We were pretty bad, and only got it together for the last song or two.
Aug 16 2008 The Triple
Richmond VA
Amoeba Men
Great show. Like most Richmond shows, it involved playing on the floor in a small room with basically a vocal PA, which sometimes ends up being really fun and sometimes is depressing. This time it was really fun.
Aug 23 2008 Black Cat
Washington DC
Dirty Faces
Great show in the small room at Black Cat. A reunion of the same bill from Wesleyan a few years ago. Good crowd and all the performances were excellent.

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