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Green Grease (live) - A live performance of "Green Grease" from Ghost Games, filmed in fall 2007. Live sound by Gus, video by Robin Bell, and audio by Jacob Smith.

Large (65mb wmv) . Small (20mb wmv) . Streaming (YouTube)

Dr. Watcher - From Ghost Games. The first video (but not the last) from the new record. Video by Jeff.

Large (50mb wmv) . Small (15mb wmv) . Streaming (YouTube)

Beat of the Double - Second video from Ghost Games. A terrifying story of madness and dopplegangers. Video by Luke Wyatt.

Large (Quicktime) . Streaming (YouTube)

The Neutered Noel - A heartwarming tale about the power of Christmas (and Ghost Games). Video by Apes. Live footage by Robin Bell.

Large (22mb wmv) . Small (7mb wmv) . Streaming (YouTube)

Breck Driving a Lil' Car (1.5mb Quicktime) - Breck takes a battery-powered car out for a spin in the blinding Arizona sun. Filmed by Jeff.

Forest of Confusion (11mb Quicktime) - Filmed by Mike B in Louisville, Kentucky, in November 2005 during Joe's brief time as vocalist. Filmed with a pocket digicam, so expect a nice darkroom effect and big pixels. Sound is surprisingly decent.

What We Do Best (11mb Quicktime) - To really simulate being there at this show at DC's Hosiery, close all your windows and turn your heat up to 98 F or so; if you have a humidifier, max that out as well. Filmed by SDM.

Showtime (4.3mb) - A thrilling point-of-view sojourn from the lavish Apes' dressing room at Amsterdam's Paradiso to the stage. Now you can feel like a pampered rockstar as you wander through the maze of pipes, mop buckets, and offices trying to find the stage with your friends the Apes. As a bonus, the audio is the rare Apes track "Apes' Guide to Apes", recorded for a CD compilation included in the current issue of Yeti. Filmed by Jeff.

Apes Got (6.5mb) - live from the 9.30 Club in DC, 2004. An ancient song from our very first EP performed on a giant stage with a fancy light show. Filmed by SDM.

Can You Handle It (11.5mb) - from the same show as above. We decided to balance the prehistoric song with a brand new one that will not be released until next year. Played at twice the correct speed, courtesy of Mr Jeff Schmid.

Apessounds (9mb) - live from Luxx (now Trash) in Brooklyn NY, 2002. Filmed by Mr Jeffrey Starr. For bandwidth reasons, this version is lower-quality and a couple minutes shorter than the one on Jeff's site.

Children of Brainbow & Brainbro (9mb) - live at Northsix, Brooklyn NY, July 30 2003. Filmed by Sharp Dressed Man. Not the best sound and kind of dark, but a nice document of the last show of two months' of touring.

Black Tears (7.25mb) - the official video directed by Divya Srinivasan: A terrifying tale of the perils of indulging one's curiosity.

Beyond Beyond (7.5mb) - live at the Pic Pub, Vancouver BC, Jan 2003. Filmed by the club, with sound from the soundboard -- which explains why the bass is woefully inaudible.

Ape Town (6.5mb) - live at the Knitting Factory, NY, Aug 2002. Filmed by Sharp Dressed Man. This sound is from the camera, not the soundboard, so we're a bit at a loss as to why drums and some keyboard are all you can hear.

Blood & Light (10mb) - live at University of London, Mar 2002. Filmed by Sharp Dressed Man. Notable for Paul's peasant shirt, Jeff's mass of hair, and the decidely un-enthusiastic participation from an audience member.

Amanda's Snack (1.6mb) - Amanda takes advantage of a long van drive to enjoy a typically revolting snack, a cucumber accompanied by the ever-present mustard.

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