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July 1999 Velvet Lounge
The Teeth Our first show ever. Very sloppy, bad costumes, and lots of bad songs we don't play anymore (and at least one that we still do). From humble beginnings...
Sept 3 1999 Velvet Lounge
? ---
Oct 2 1999 Velvet Lounge
Stinking Lizavetta ---
Oct 14 1999 Black Cat
Les Savy Fav Our first show with Les Savy Fav. Amanda MacKaye was doing our booking, and set us up with this show with her old bandmate Syd.
Nov 5 1999 Recher Theater
Towson MD
The Creatures This place is a converted movie theater. We opened for Siouxsie Sioux's current band and played to a crowd of goth kids. We actually went over pretty well.
Nov 27 1999 Velvet Lounge
Dexter ---
Dec 10 1999 The Garage
Delta 72 We had a friend do sound -- he cranked it up until people were wincing with pain. It was great.
Dec 31 1999 9.30 Club
The Reverend Horton Heat
Jack Potential
Somehow we got on the Millenium New Year's Eve bill at the biggest club in DC. Sound was awesome, 400+ people were there when we played, and we got a good response.
Jan 8 2000 Velvet Lounge
Adam West ---
Feb 8 2000 Black Cat
Ultrabait There were five or six people at this show, and we got $10. Ultrabait drove three hours from Richmond for this.
Feb 20 2000 Third Rail Radio
Univ of MD
--- Bad, bad sound.
Feb 25 2000 Velvet Lounge
? ---
Apr 8 2000 House Show
Buffalo NY
Les Savy Fav This was a fun show and a good turn-out. The Fav rocked. It was snowing in April.
Apr 9 2000 Mr Roboto
Pittsburgh PA
Les Savy Fav Apparently we were more argumentative (toward each other) than usual.
May 7 2000 Snap Pop Showcase
Fredericksburg VA
The Others
The Cassettes
Six bands in a little bar on a Sunday night. We're not sure if there was anyone there not in one of the bands.
June 8 2000 Black Cat
New Wet Kojak
Enon were cool guys.
June 9 2000 Signal 66
--- Strange show in a big art space.
June 26 2000 Fort Reno Park
The Rondelles
Dead Meadow
We made it through two songs before the show got rained out.
June 30 2000 The Sidebar
Baltimore MD
The Sloppy Meateaters
Nuclear Saturday
Die Cheerleader Die
This wasn't supposed to be a free show, but no one bothered to collect money at the door. Also notable because Jeff was suffering from a papercut on his cornea.
Jul 9 2000 Geo Wash Univ.
Cry Baby Cry
The Cassettes
Fun show in a dance studio -- no shoes allowed.
Aug 19 2000 DCCD Records
Cry Baby Cry Fun show, decent turn-out.
Sept 8 2000 Velvet Lounge
Poseur Bill Lots of onstage bickering, but supposedly it went off well.
Sept 9 2000 House Show
--- No one was there. The basement had a better sound setup than a lot of the clubs we've played in, though.
Sept 22 2000 NOW! Music
Clarendon Metro VA
Metropolitan Very fun show on the median in the middle of the road, right where the escalator from the Metro comes up. Cops told us to turn down.
Sept 25 2000 Maxwell's
Hoboken NJ
Shark Quest
Great sound, but we got stuck playing at 8pm before anyone showed up. Pay-out sucked, but they gave us all the food and drink we could handle, so it worked out ok.
Sept 27 2000 Fort Thunder
Providence RI
Great show and great response in one of the weirdest/coolest places we've ever played.
Sept 28 2000 The Middle East
Boston MA
Les Savy Fav Great show, great crowd, great sound.
Oct 12 2000 Ottobar
Baltimore MD
The Scott Farkus Affair
All I remember about this show is the Ex-Models drummer, who was very good.
Oct 29 2000 Third Rail Radio
Univ of MD
Edie Sedgwick Played live over the radio; sound possibly slightly better than the first time, but still bad.
Nov 17 2000 House Show
Pittsburgh PA
Q & Not U Fun show; Q & Not U were kind enough to let us use their equipment.
Dec 15 2000 Black Cat
Hot Snakes
Burning Brides
Pretty good show aside from Jeff utterly forgetting how "Blood & Light" went.
Dec 16 2000 the Mercury Lounge
Les Savy Fav Once again we had to take a car up, but the Fav came through as always and graciously let us use their gear.

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