The fluttering wings of the Gemini Butterfly always just on the edge of hearing, the Apes, driven by the desire for liberating new sounds promised by the green-eyed insect -- its two heads rumoured to possess visions of the world's past and future -- embark on a voyage down the river winding through the varied environs of their land.

Beset by struggles in their passage -- against reproducing dictator machines, the fog of memory loss, videogame-addicted hunchbacks, and nuclear annihilation by the dirty bombs of the Worwiz -- Ape hands touch, and black tears fall from Ape eyes, seeking the harmony of the music to survive their strange OddEyeSee. As the spine of their ark glides through the yellow rocky river's currents, each mile of their journey tells its own tale.

Jackie Magik, the maniacally focused visionary, guides the vessel with his heavily-effected voice modulations. His body shakes violently as gale forces and riverspray sweep through the mainmast, into his bass held against it, and are transmitted out again as flashing torrents of lightsound and booming triggers, signals for Ronald Wolf's rhythm track and Majestic Ape's piano incantations.

Short black horsehair waving, Ronald Wolf rides in the belly of the ark, banging the control pad. Here, where the ark is pitched with the most force, he has made his command center, dictating the rhythm far below the orange sails snapping in the wind above -- sails that bear the watchwords of the Wolf, "Fair Play."

Majestic Ape, seeking to deepen her kinship with the organic universe, plays 1100 pianos on the OddEyeSee. Filling the river's currents with prayers for the lost soul bound into each Ape, her music blooms like soft pink flowers from apple stems.

The mysterious Count 101 -- once, a traveller-orphan hustling Chinese checkers in Lincoln Town; then, his eyes opened in the Apes' workshop, soul liberated by the discovery of the world that works through the night while the masses of the other world sleep, the final quarter of the Apes' circle -- consults those invisible confidants beneath his cloak: His Voices. They began the OddEyeSee, whispering rumours of the strains flowering in the beautiful river, of the two-headed butterfly whose harmonic vision could, perhaps, save even this world. At times, their words torment him, pinching and clawing at his ears until he testifies to the virtues of the hard-forged spiritual unity he's learned in his journeys with the Apes.

His Voices whisper one thing more: That the Butterfly will not be given freely into Ape hands; that for a fantastic prize a fantastic price will be demanded.

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