June 21 2005 - Lawrence has now been crossed off this tour entirely; instead, we'll be playing two shows in Wichita KS at the Cedar Lounge on the 4th of July -- one earlier, all-ages show and one later, 21 and over show.

June 17 2005 - Greetings from the road. Amanda's tour diary will now be in the trendy blog format. In theory, she will be updating regularly from the road. Check back for updates.

June 13 2005 - Last pre-tour update. First, we've added a couple items to the store: A split 7" single with Modey Lemon, and a brand new t-shirt (available in lovely cornflower blue or orange poppy). The Mind Control t-shirts have been cut to $6 to try and get them out of the overcrowded Ape basement. Please note: Any orders placed after Wednesday morning will not ship until we get back from tour July 8, so if you want anything soon, order now.

Also, we have a new live video from last weekend's show at the Hosiery in DC, filmed by SDM. Enjoy.

June 7 2005 - For those of you who don't check the Shows page daily (for shame!), be advised that the June 9 show in Brooklyn has been cancelled -- apparently, despite his several emails to the contrary, the promoter actually meant July, not June.

May 19 2005 - Amanda's latest tour diary is up now, along with a batch of photos and another mp3 from Baba's. Also, U.S. tour dates are up now on the shows page.

May 9 2005 - All Apes fans are winners already -- winners in the game of musical taste. But now you have a chance to show off what a winner you are. Insound.com is having an Apes contest: Be one of the first 20 to buy Baba's Mountain from them, and win Apes shrinky-dink pins, hand-drawn and hand-shrunk by Erick and Amanda. Do not delay.

For those that are too slow on the mouse-button to win a shrinky dink, or have (wisely) already purchased Baba's Mountain, we will be selling more of these delightful collectibles in our own store very soon.

May 7 2005 - Tonight's show at Club Ice with Oneida, Pterodactyl & a surprise guest has been moved. It is now at The Palace Tavern in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The curfew for music is midnight, so get there early.

May 3 2005 - Ape thanks go to Q & Not U for inviting us on a stretch with their traveling DC-band caravan. Massive Ape thanks to the extra-generous hosts we had on this last tour: Mandy, Gene Mullett & Craig; Memphis Mike; Dave & The Ranch; Forrester; Luke; April, Emily, and Carter; Jorge; Divya; and Jamie & Julie.

If anyone has pictures from this tour, or from the MIT or Warehouse shows, we'd love to see them and possibly post them here -- we didn't really take any this time out. Send anything you've got (the bigger the better) to photos@theapes.com.

April 26 2005 - The time is now. For the curious, the open-minded, the open-eyed, the strong of spirit or mind: the guidebook to freedom from the Comas is here. Yes, Baba's Mountain is now available in our store. 13 songs, 16 full-color pages of art and lyrics. Pack your knapsack. Join us for our record release on Saturday, April 30 at Warehouse Next Door.

No joyous event goes unshadowed by sadness; it pains Apes to announce that our European tour has been cancelled. Those of you on those shores should still emerge from apartments, caves, shanties, and junks to see Modey Lemon, who will be braving the wilds without us.

Instead, we will play a few more east coast shows in May before embarking on a U.S. tour beginning mid-June (confirmed dates coming soon).

April 12 2005 - Apes officially extend, to the faithful, an invitation to Baba's Mountain.

In celebration, enjoy the sweet sounds of What We Do Best, the second sampling of the album that is now only two weeks away. The hungry might also download the complete KVRX Radio appearance by the Apes: four new songs performed live in the studio and an interview with Majestic Ape. The perfect soundtrack to Majestic's SxSW Tour Diary.

March 23 2005 - We have returned from SxSW. The Birdman showcase was awesome, as it was essentially guaranteed to be given the Birdman roster. The rest of the shows were a somewhat mixed bag, but provided us with much-needed practice for the new songs. As usual, we were the recipients of an embarassing amount of generosity from Mike B & Sarah, Adam K & Eric, Greg and Scotta, Moses, and Jay & Paige. Thanks also to Skyscraper Magazine, Chris & Fangs, KVRX, Supersystem, and probably others we're forgetting.

Amanda's tour diary and photos are up now, and the complete live set (and interview) performed in the KVRX studio and another track from Baba's Mountain are forthcoming. A few shows have been added, with Euro/UK dates coming soon.

March 4 2005 - Feast your ears on The Green Bus, the first taste of Baba's Mountain. Apes will be on the road March 14-20 to Texas and back, and will head out again for another 9-day jaunt starting April 18. Apes will then link up with labelmates Modey Lemon for a three week sortie into Europe, ending in the UK, before returing home to rest briefly prior to launching a U.S. assault. Be there.

And if you get the chance to see Oneida, take it.

February 8 2005 - The first batch of Shows planned for 2005 are up now, with more to come soon. We'll have the first mp3s from our upcoming record Baba's Mountain up soon as well (and the Baba's link above will actually take you somewhere).

December 5 2004 - Amanda's Euro tour diary is now up, as well as a few more photos.

November 25 2004- No, this is not the "official" site re-design. I've just been cleaning up the code to make updates and the eventual re-design easier, and thought it was time for the white and pink to go. It will take awhle to get all the pages switched over. I only have Firefox and IE to test the site, so if it looks weird, let me know. Oh yeah -- Happy Thanksgiving.

November 19 2004- Apologies for the delayed update. We were hoping to have the site re-designed to accompany the post-Euro update, but you know how that goes.

Europe was a good time, as it almost has to be when spent in the company of driver/soundman/luthier Jochem. Jeff was very disappointed to find the Drifter candybar missing from all but two candy purveyors in England. Luckily, Maryland the Cookie was still readily available. Shows with Weird War and Designer Babies were excellent. Many, many thanks to Jochem; Gozzy for giving up his room and Andrew and Bev for sharing their home for three days; Grim and Davey for their offer to host (turned down in favor of going immediately to sleep); Kush for putting us up in a room with a widescreen TV and Spirited Away on DVD; Niels and Danielle for hosting and showing us the John Frusciante interview special; Alistair and Tom for the floor space and bookshelf full of books on horror movies and rockstars; Peter and everyone at Vera; and Debs and Wayne for giving up their living room for two nights in a row to people they had never even met.

Amanda's tour diary is on the way. In the meantime, comments on the shows are up on the past show archive page, and the first round of photos are up. Our new album is finished; all that remains is mastering and manufacturing. It's good stuff. Apes will probably be fairly dormant for the rest of the year, gearing up for the record release and subsequent touring in 2005.

Lastly, don't miss this opportunity to have your portrait drawn by Amanda, hosted by Birdman Records.

October 17 2004- Summer ends, the leaves fall, and the Apes finish, at long last, their next album. Erick and Amanda returned from mixing those scorching tracks at Prairie Sun Studio just in time to hop in the van for a drive to New York and a slot on the Birdman Records showcase for CMJ, the last of our fall states-side shows (as detailed in the past show archive). And now, a week-long lull before our first landing on other shores since May 2003, and our first intrusion into continental Europe since March 2002. The tour dates are up now; check back for any changes, as rock is a fickle mistress. Jeff has a new camera, replacing the one he submerged in Lake Champlain, so hopefully the deluge of pictures will return to its previous volume. Also watch for this site to be re-vamped very soon.

August 24 2004 -- We're coming down the home stretch of our latest full-length, tentatively scheduled for release in January. The tracks for the last three songs will be recorded this weekend, again with Jason from Modey Lemon. We (perhaps irresponsibly) took a brief break from working on the record to play a few shows on the east coast with Q & Not U, Tunnel of Love, Food for Animals, and No Things. A stirring account of those five days is now available for your perusal, with pictures coming soon.

Tapestry Mastery is now available in our online store on 10" vinyl, for all you weirdos that like having to get up and fumble with giant platters and needles every twelve minutes or so. Flying in the face of progress aside, the artwork does look beautiful at this size.

For some reason it took two years, but we finally put a mailing list signup thing on the contact page. Never miss another Ape show in your town, or be the last in your little blog circle to get the latest Ape release! Plus, it's much easier for me than trying to decipher the random scrawls on the email list we have at shows.

August 11 2004 -- The recording sessions with Mr Jason Kirker went swimmingly. We are coming down the home stretch of this record; we just need to record a few more songs and then mix in September. After that, we will be off to Europe from October 20 through November something or other, hitting the UK and the mainland for the first time since 2002. Be prepared.

Our label, Birdman Records, at last has a fully functional website up. Check out the most diverse (yet somehow coherent) label around, home of bands like Modey Lemon, Gris Gris, The Cuts, Boredoms, and more.

July 6 2004 -- It took three months, but Amanda's Carnivorous Rampage tour diary is finally complete.

The first five songs of our next LP, tentatively scheduled for release in January, have been recorded by Jonathan "Kernal" Kreinik. Tomorrow we will roadtrip up to Pittsburgh to record the next five with Jason Kirker of Modey Lemon.

May 17 2004 -- It is here. Tapestry Mastery. The first Apes recording on Birdman Records. The first recording said to capture the Apes' "live" sound (thanks to the efforts of Jonathan Kreinik). Three stories, five songs, one intro, twenty-something minutes, eight bucks, one week before the rest of the world gets it. Buy it now.

Apr 8 2004 -- We have returned from our first tour with no days off, 24 shows in 24 days. At last, we are members of that holy brotherhood of road warriors. Surprisingly, it didn't feel long at all; whether this was because of all the whiskey consumed, or the delightful companionship of tourmates Modey Lemon and The Gris Gris, or the unparalleled excitement of playing in town after town we'd never visited before, no one can say. SXSW was a great time, thanks in large part to the human whirlwind that is Hash. Amanda's tour diary is trickling in now.

Many, many thanks go to Anders St Anders; Whiskey (the person, not the drink; though that, too); Ramya & Divya; Tyler; Mike; Harold & Fletcher; Todd & Brent; Patrick; Dave; Leslie; Amy Jo; Rick; Chris; Mark & Dale; Jessica; Mark in Columbus; Jamie Watchers; Phil, Jason and Paul Q; Dave Birdman Todd Cote; and of course everyone who came to the shows.

In other news: We've got a new, full color sticker designed by Erick up in the store. More excitingly, we got our hands on a few copies of the Street Warz 10" picture disc, so if you want one, now's your chance.

And now, it's back into the basement to resume writing the new full-length.

Feb 24 2004 -- Now that the online store's been up for a good three days, we felt it was feeling its age and re-vamped the whole thing. We added items, including the vinyl of The Fugue in the Fog, and are now accepting international orders; we are also taking money orders and checks in addition to credit card and paypal.

Also, all orders come complete with a unique Amanda Kleinman original 3"x5" drawing. Treasure yours forever!

Feb 3 2004 -- Finally some of the seeds planted months ago are bearing fruit. Our first EP on Birdman is finished and being mastered as we speak; the new full-length is well underway; and we are at last going to brush off the cobwebs and head back out on the road next month. Yes, side by side with new labelmates Modey Lemon and, later, Gris Gris, the Apes will be heading south and west for the SXSW Music Conference, and tackling cities large and small coming and going. Tour Dates are up now.

We will also finally be setting up online ordering on this very page for all your coveted Apes' merchandise; yes, even the elusive t-shirts will at last be available to order. Hopefully, this will all be ready to go before we leave for the tour.

And for those seeking a glimpse into the madness of Ape minds, Delusions of Adequacy has a new interview with Erick and Amanda up.

Dec 11 2003 -- It's been an oddly dormant time for us Apes, at least to all outward appearances. But beneath this lazy exterior lies the jackhammer heart of a still very vital beast. Three bits of news tell the tale of Ape Winter:

First, we have left the cozy familiarity of our home at FrenchKiss Records and ventured forth into new and exciting environs: Namely, San Francisco's Birdman Records. Naturally this move is accompanied by an embarassing outpouring of gratitude to Syd and FrenchKiss for nurturing us and allowing us to grow into the smelly adolescents we are now.

Second, we are one week away from going into the studio to record our first release on the aforementioned Birdman: The Tapestry Mastery EP, an enchanting investigation into the wonders of the warp and the woof.

And finally, we are working on our first Birdman full-length, which we hope to record in the spring. Please prepare your senses now, else they will surely be shattered come 2004.

September 30 2003 -- Ah, the joys of Florida and Texas: sweltering heat and humidity, fire ants, and the good ol' overheating van. Fortunately, anything negative was vastly offset by the fun of playing with (and hanging out with) Enon for two weeks. Many thanks to John, Toko, and Matt for inviting us along and blowing our minds onstage every night. Best of all, we will be doing a couple weeks of shows with them in continental Europe in December, along with our own week or so in the UK in November. Watch for those dates to appear on the Shows Page as soon as we've got them finalized.

Enormous thanks must also go to Jeremy for hosting us a record-setting three times in 12 days, as well as doing sound for us in Athens, GA; also to Tara, J.T., and Matt; Eric & Naarah; Dave & Tammy; John & Natalie; Scott; and, since no tour would be complete without staying at their homes, Divya and Wes. This time, Amanda actually did write a tour diary, which will be up sometime this week, complete with no-doubt-disturbing illustrations. Photos also to follow shortly.

August 25 2003 -- Pining for the smelly clothes and uncomfortable sleeping arrangements of tour, we took a four-day sojourn up to New York, where we practiced and slept in the home of Mr Pat Noecker. Highlights included pushing Amanda's dead car three blocks uphill at 2am, in 90 degree heat, and having donuts and cookies for dinner. Between bouts of sweating and donut-eating, we managed to put the finishing touches on two new songs for an upcoming single, which we will be recording this week in the Apes' Workshop. Already in the can is an odd little number which may appear on the CD accompanying the next issue of Mike McGonigal's fantastic magazine Yeti, along with an 8-page comic by Erick & Amanda.

We've finally got some shows set up for the fall, including a two-week stint with NY's mighty ENON, which will at last bring us into the swamps of Florida. We'll be back in New York in October for a show with the aforementioned Mr Noecker (formerly of indie goliath Liars), and yet again later that month for a FrenchKiss Records Showcase during CMJ. Then it'll be off to the European continent sometime in November, returning us to France, Germany, etc for the first time since March 2002.

July 11 2003 -- The touring is over, for the time being. Tunnel of Love, Gogogo Airheart, Watchers and Crimson Sweet (among others) made the days fly by. Glorious new photos are up, many by the ever-talented Divya Srinivasan and new Apefriend Libor. The Past Show Archive is full of fresh new entries, and has been re-organized by year. Live video of Brainbow & Brainbro from Northsix, Brooklyn is up now, and more may be forthcoming from a Chicago fan. Amanda promises a new tour diary as soon as she gets a chance to pluck something cohesive from the ever-swirling funnel of madness that is her brain. In the meantime, peruse the just-added tour diary that she and Erick collaborated on in May 2002 -- an exciting tale of a band's first big tour of this great nation. Ape attention turns now to writing new material for a forthcoming single.

Thanks, as always, to everyone who hosted us; going above and beyond common hospitality were Erik Alta May & wife Anthippy, Jay & Paige, Jamie Watchers, Divya, and promoter/uber-host Wes Williams.

June 1 2003 -- A long overdue update. The early May forays into the Midwest and up the East Coast with Watchers and Party of Helicopters took the Apes to places we had never been before, such as Detroit; the ten people at the show were rocked into the next dimension and returned with white hair and weak bladders. As Watchers continued their tour ever onward for another several weeks, Apes and PoH regrouped for an all-too-brief 24 hours and then crossed the waters to the UK and Ireland. Space in the van and on various apartment floors was tight for the 10-man assault force, but a good time was (presumably) had by all. Thanks, as always, to all who hosted us, and especially to Goz, Uri, Jon CNL, and the fine folks at Southern UK. Special kudos to the Nestle Drifter, the Laid-Back Snack. Read the gritty details of all of these shows in the Show Archive, and in Amanda's Tour Diary. Some photos up now, more to follow.

The June shows are now almost all set in stone; fire up your PDAs and check the Shows Page. Expect the St Louis TBA to be filled in from the road. Ape van has no air-conditioning, and often needs the heat turned on to keep the engine from exploding, so feel free to bring Good Humour ice cream bars to desert shows to soothe the sweaty Ape breast. Maybe you'll receive a shiny 20 cent pin in return. Mar 27 2003 -- A pleasant show at the Beachland Ballroom with the Black Keys was a perfect warm-up for our 55th-ish show with Les Savy Fav, or so we thought. Our (formerly) trusty van had something else in mind: An alarming loss of power after the show, several stalls in the morning, and finally an afternoon at the garage, making the show in Providence, 10 hours away, an exercise in what-might-have-been. One ignition module later, ol' vanny is ready for the long drives in store for her in May and June. Check the Shows page soon for final June dates covering this great land of ours.

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