Summer 2006 Tour CD

Mr Fairer

Hey there lamby child
Need a little cash
To validate your stay?
Well come on
Let's make a trade
Just do me this one big favor
Y'say the street ain't enough
And your winters
Start to get rough
Well how's about this
Minimum hush
It's given with a minimum touch

Flush em out of their caves
And make em behave
Never callin em slave
Cuz their given a wage
My crops my rules Reform
No more talking underground

Gold blocks for my bed
Pine homes for the dead
Silk sheets on my legs
It's obvious who's the head
You mold my gold Reformed
I can always flush you out

Each morning marchers take stride
Devoting lives to Fairer's pride
Two eyes but no one's inside
This calls for breaking of ties

What a beautiful day
Got a maid in every shade
All the men in my yard
Simply keeping me made
More bricks more pine; High times
Everyone is doing well

(repeat chorus)

I see all
Ten feet tall
I'm Mr. Fairer, no kisses please
Your lovin pallbearer to be

I'm Mr. Fairer
I'm Mr. Fairer
I'm Mr. Fairer
I'm Mr. Fairer

Green grease

It seems I've borrowed my last dollar
And my moochin ain't welcome no more
And I need more and want more
Give me my green grease
To push on through
Cuz I aint through
And I need more , want more
Give it to me
That's what I want
That's what I need
Anything better than to be on my knees

Penniless is hopeless
Five days for a dosage
Life in this green dream
Got a roof and some gold fronts

So damn clean
So damn clean now
So damn green
Well grease me down

I'm keeping the team high
I'm drilling my insides
And letting this oil
Spill on down now

Here we are knee deep
Forever making products
Better than ahead again
Lucky like lotto livin

(repeat chorus)

Ain't it so?
Well I was I told so
Ain't it so?
Well I hope so

Give me mine now
Before I go down
You know what I want
Give me mine now
Pour it on down
It's the only way out
Give it to me now
Give it to me please
Give it to me now
Give it to me

Ghost Rat Fever

First ones came
Eager to claim
Had a lot of babies
To keep up the name
Well soon they had their own
And they taught em the same
Watch out cuz you might
Fall in the frame

"What do we win?"
Say the lames of the game
While the cancer's upstairs
Waitin to reign
The bait has been taken
And the eggs have all hatched
See the rats have impregnated
More than half

End up doing forty
Like your ass is in jail
Keep a sticky trigger finger
Case all else fails

Cut all the strings
And prepare to break
Set the traps Use the map
And make an escape
Now if you get bit
Cut your limb off quick
So you don't get sick
It's a hell of a split

End up doing forty
Like your ass is in jail
Keep a sticky trigger finger
Case all else fails

Ghost rat fever
Don't get bit now
Ghost rat fever
Watch for the breakout

If you fall down
Down to the ground
Soon rats will come

There's no escaping these rats
They love eating your fat
If your bit you'll soon turn
With a tail from your back
Now you're the rat
Now you're the rat

I can feel the heat and the chills
The fever inside starts to rise
My arms and legs have hives
And they're numb
I succumb -- I think I'm done

Ghost rat fever

If you fall down
Down to the ground
Those rats
Will surely come

Ghost rat fever
Don't get bit now
Ghost rat fever
Watch for the break out


Say you don't feel so hot?
Got a serious breakout?
Hard time breathin?
Can't think straight?
Well take two of these
And three of those
And two more of these
And two more just in case
Feelin any better?
I didn't think so

Analysis - Hard to explain
Candy drops - Sweet coated brain
The heart beats joy through their veins
Doctor says we owe the child
For the sweet memory
Of the days that we never saw

Dark days all we'll complain
Back in line keep it mundane
Close your eyes try to sustain
Makin them numb with the caine
In their arms in their blood
With a cane we're trying to stand
With the birds at their work

New machines
Sweets taste good
Ball and chain
Connecting two
To you
There's only so much more we can take

Pleasure is fondling lames
Message now seems so arcane
Candy drops rottin their brain
Makin them numb with caine
In their teeth in their blood
With a canea they're tryin to stand
With the birds at their work

(repeat chorus)

New machines
Still need your hands
To complete his dreams
Better break out
Before they break you down
New machines
Only last so long

Life is shorter
Than a game of right and wrong

After all

Hey you young blamer
Aim your fast senses
At those upholding
Fairer's walls

Hey you old reaper
Pretend we don't know
Your days are numbered
Count down

Here's a static one
Practicing fanatical
Ways to be a radical
In a lying mirror
With the lights off
Always with the lights off

After all that's been read and sung
We can laugh at what we've done

Hey you dissenter
Raise up you are our
First choice
And our last chance

Where's the partisan
Martyr for the modern men
Hope he's not sleepin
with the blamer
and mirrorin the reaper man
Sleepin with the reaper man

(repeat chorus)

You're so tired
I can't blame you now
See we're so tired
I can't blame you now
We're worn down

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