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Monday morning I am doing final preparations for departure (going to the gym and counting out pills and powders). Jeff calls. This is unusual and disturbing because Jeff NEVER calls. EVER. I answer. He says, "Buh. My mechanic says we need $800 worth of work and he doesn't know if he can finish it today."

Not all Apes are happy about this but 22 hours later we are sitting in Jeff's basement watching some bloody free-for-all fighting match waiting for the van to be ready. I take Paul to the bank and we stop at 7-11 so I can get a giant cup for in-van urinating. We leave for Atlanta at 1.00 pm and drive like the wind to make it in time for our 11.00 pm set. We stop only to get gas and I think about how cool it is that I can pee in the van (using my cup) and not slow us down. Somehow, we make it. Jeff actually took over driving at some point without being asked. The only time that Jeff volunteers to drive is when he wants to get home to watch some previously taped Ultimate Fight Match.

We are on stage at 11.20 and then we all chow on Enon's deli tray. After the show there is lots of discussion about where we are going to crash. Our Atlanta friend, Moses, has offered to let us stay in his friend's dorm room at Georgia State. The consensus is to stay with our buddy Jeremy who does sound at the Earl. He has a house in a nice pine-tree-ish place.

We drop Moses off at the Georgia State dorms and head back to the Earl where Enon is still loading out. They have more equipment than any band I've ever seen. We all eventually caravan back to Jeremy's around 4.15 am. Erick and I spread out in the basement which was very dark and was sans snorers. I have an Aerobed on this tour which is a lot more comfortable than my camping pad.

We got to sleep around 5.30 and at 7.00 am, I am awakened by a very cute cat who starts screaming in my ear. I figure he's hungry so I go upstairs, feed him, go back to bed, and then wake up again at 8.00 am. This time, its me who's hungry and I go upstairs to fix myself a powdered fiber drink and find Jeremy's house mate in the kitchen. She's making Thai coffee and starts telling me all about it and I'm barely processing what the hell is going on. Then she tells me she needs Enon to move their van because she's got to go to work. Then in her next sentence she says she's not really going to work, she has to help her mom move. I love these weird liars we always meet on tour.

I go back to sleep yet again and at noon, wake up for good and go running. After I'm done, I am using the curb to stretch and feel an intense burning on my lower legs. I look down and I'm covered with fire ants. This is my third time being mauled by ants in 3 tours. For some reason, I can't remember how I got them off me the other two times.

We all go eat Thai food later except Jeff who eats nothing or maybe he ate a candy bar.   [Jeff: I ate a marinated veggie burger and peanut-oil fries, thank you.]

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