April 9 2002

Erick: Took off today at noon for Buffalo. It's good to be back in the USA -- nicer toilets, English-speaking folk. Left around 11.30am. and stopped in Breezewood for lunch. Ate at Subway and the cashier looked like a beat-up version of Sandra Locke. Hot stuff.

We missed a turn-off in Pennsylvania and drove about 80 miles out of the way. Ended up taking a "scenic" route through Allegheny National Forest. When we got to Buffalo, good ole Mapquest directions fucked us and scent us to a house on some weird dead end street with the same name as the street we were looking for, only in the suburbs. Found the club after asking two people for directions. No arguing in the van this time, which was a good thing. I dropped a big grey turd.

The Club, Mohawk Place, was a cool place, and we were happy to find food waiting for us when we arrived -- food always makes everything much happier. The club, despite being cool, was really small and only had a vocal PA. Stage was small and CRAMPED. We played with two local band -- Elad Love Affair and Maceo Ruez (in addition to Les Savy Fav). They were nice people.

As for the show -- I could only hear myself and the drums. It was our 100th show so in honor of the anniversary, we counted off 100 cymbal crashes. The Fav rocked as always, it was interesting not hearing them cranked through the PA like in Europe. I do miss having a sound man; we were spoiled in Europe. Everything was mellow tonight -- no rock stories, nobody getting screwed on cash, a good day all in all.

April 10 2002

Amanda: I woke up around 10.40 in a bed with a cat between my legs. Hi Kitty! Marty, the Buffalo promoter, had this awesome five room apartment on the second floor of his house so the Apes and the Fav got to spread out. It was truly the perfect set-up for hosting touring bands. Anyway, I was the first one up as usual and jumped in the shower so I wouldn’t have to wait in line or assert my "dibs". When I finished, no one else was up, but shortly after, Tim H. (Fav) came in our room w/ a Star Wars bed sheet on his head. Naturally, the standard "what role will Boba Fett play in Attack of the Clones" discussion ensued. Then I was called out by Syd to discuss my new role as the Apes’ tour manager and the responsibilities that accompany that title. When we finished my lesson, everyone was downstairs drinking coffee, fighting for the internet.

After a few hours of dicking around, the Favs left to return Seth's new loop pedal (but not before Erick tried to get me to buy it, despite my being totally broke and in debt to several entities). I had to wait till Marty got back so we could discuss money in my first attempt at being tour manager. We left and had lunch at some diner car. Jeff wandered off and returned with four donuts and ingredients for his GORP (M&Ms, raisins and peanuts). He will most likely live off GORP, donuts, chocolate bars and Doritos for the next month (with the occasional piece of pizza and veggie sub from Subway).

Left for Pittsburgh. On one gas stop, we saw a van for sale in a field for $350 and discussed the possibility of buying it and driving it straight through the wall and into the club in Pittsburgh or letting kids wreck it with bats outside the club.

Pittsburgh is a beautiful city with all its hills and rocks and rivers. We found Carnegie Mellon and the "Taste of India" food hall we were playing in. Load-in and sound check were uneventful, but it always amazes me how bad college-age soundboys are. Met Phil and Paul of The Modey Lemon, the opening band. Very nice fellows. Kick ass band. We were given the stellar vegetarian Thai food for dinner. Two for two as far as food goes.

The Apes' show was very fun. I must note that Paul went up onto the second floor balcony of the circular room that we were playing in and managed to throw the mike over each column and have kids catch it as he made his way round the second floor. Shows are always SO MUCH BETTER when we play second. Too bad we only play second for four out of the 12 Fav shows. Oh well. Some day...

During the Fav set, some asshole kept setting off the fire alarm. Tim led everybody outside and set up the largest Duck Duck Goose formation I’ve ever seen. After the show we left for Julie’s, our booking agent. She lives near Kent State in Ohio. While I was driving my eyes kept crossing and closing.

When we got to Kent, I had to call Julie at 2.00 in the morning because I didn’t write down all of the directions, just most of them. Finally found her place and chatted till 4.00 in the morning. She’s funny enough to be a comedian but I hope she doesn’t change careers because she’s a really good booking agent. We have to get up by 7.00 to get to Chicago by 3.00, as it’s the opening day for the Cubs and the club in across the street from Wrigley Field.

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